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Where Do I Begin? Where Can I Begin? How Do I Write, Again? Begin, again, begin, again, JUST WRITE SOMETHING ALREADY

I suffer from the great generational problem that baby boomers rigidly shame millennials for: having inexhaustible yet wasted potential.

It isn’t, and never has been, my intention to waste this potential. 303 more words


Dating Disaster of the Day: Soo Much for Spaghetti

Sometimes men just say things so ridiculous I don’t even have words to respond. See below

He said: I just wanted to tell you that after seeing your profile I would walk barefooted across nails and snow, pulling a semi-truck without tires all the way across town just for the chance to look into your amazing eyes, and ask on you a Spaghetti dinner! 97 more words


WM's new Girl Group OMG

The most awaited of WM stans even the B1A4 stans (Bana). What i am expecting is on what they will do to love them like their senior did to gather fans. 161 more words

Almost time...

Exams, exams, exams…Why oh why oh why? It’s nearing that dreaded time of the year, and…teachers are still handing out sheets of homework!!!!! Are they CRAZY?! 15 more words


I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I hope you all enjoy this.

Remember to Inhale and Exhale,

[PHOTOS] Are Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Dating?!

Taylor Swift’s little dating hiatus may be over, and Calvin Harris might be moving on from Rita Ora…

T-Swift was spotted recently in Nashville with superstar musician/producer Calvin Harris and someone was smart enough to grab pics of the two…they look absolutely adorable together in matching colors! 81 more words


OMG Burger, Hauz Khas social

Go straight to the food review!

Hauz Khas social

In a place like Delhi, it is very unusual for any day to be perfect for an outing. 722 more words