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Quick to judge

It is a brisk day; I am heading to work two hours late. I had some side gig in the morning which I had to attend to come what may. 422 more words


Omar Ortiz - Hyperrealistic Nude Paintings

Mexican fine artist Omar Ortiz, creates sensational works utilizing oil on canvas. His life-like renderings of nude women are not only sensual and mesmerizing, but a celebration and tribute to the beauty of the female form.



As many of you know Clark College puts on three theater productions a year, and the current production they are showing is Bobrauschenbergamerica. Though the date has already past for this production, the theater program usually has a free showing preview showing for those students that want to go watch the play, but may be on a budget. 304 more words

Ambassadors 2014-2015

The Making of An Enemy

Omar Khadr’s Struggle to Prove His Humanity by Nathan Olmstead

Omar Khadr, the Canadian who, as a fifteen year old boy, was arrested and held at Guantanamo Bay for committing acts of terrorism, was recently released on bail by an Alberta court. 1,083 more words


The Wire and The Real World

I thought I’d post this quickly as it’s topical given the state of affairs in Baltimore at the moment. Now usually I would avoid the Daily Mail like the plague but it’s got a good bank of content on what members of The Wire cast and creator David Simon commenting on the situation and there’s even a mention of the shop that Omar Little meets his maker in. 9 more words

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UK Soul Legend Omar! 1812 Bournemouth! TONIGHT

The recent Uk Soul Scene wouldn’t be complete without the Leviathan personality of Omar Lye-Fook.

In a sea of middle of the road paint by number “R’n’B” from the USA in the nineties the UK scene needed to gain its own identity this man brought our islands music into the eyeliner of the globe, originally signing to indie label Kongo Dance before re-releasing his first album, the acclaimed and infamous “Theres Nothing Like This” for Gilles Peterson Talkin’ Loud label the man is now unto 7 albums, has built his own production company and studio, oh yeah and has worked recently with none other than STEVIE WONDER (check Feelin You…..a seriously deep classic) 1,537 more words


Omar Khadr Released; Why You Should Care

Even with this important step towards justice, Khadr’s case nevertheless highlights fundamental flaws in the US, Canadian and international justice systems which need to be addressed. 1,222 more words