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Things are getting exciting....

I’m in my final semester of university, and things are getting busy!

As per usual I am letting drama run my life and I am loving it!!! 202 more words

Our only truth is the stories we tell each other and ourselves

“There is, it seems, no mechanism in the mind or the brain for ensuring the truth, or at least the veridical character, of our recollections. We have no direct access to historical truth, and what we feel or assert to be true (as Helen Keller was in a very good position to note) depends as much on our imagination as our senses. 144 more words

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Epistemology and the Spoken "Word"

Just checked out a book from the DSU library that I hoped would be useful for my students.  The book, Seeing Voices, by Oliver Sacks, was new to me.  633 more words

Historical truth and narrative truth

“What is clear in all these cases—whether of imagined or real abuse in childhood, of genuine or experimentally implanted memories, of misled witnesses and brainwashed prisoners, of unconscious plagiarism, and of the false memories we probably all have based on misattribution or source confusion—is that, in the absence of outside confirmation, there is no easy way of distinguishing a genuine memory or inspiration, felt as such, from those that have been borrowed or suggested, between what the psychoanalyst Donald Spence calls “historical truth” and “narrative truth.”” 11 more words

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Oaxaca Misunderstood. A review of Oliver Sacks' "Oaxaca Journal"

Oaxaca Journal (National Geographic Directions) by Oliver Sacks[1]

Reviewed by Martha W. Rees

Oliver Sack’s journal of a fern tour of Oaxaca, Mexico has a day-by-day coverage of field trips to botanical and fern sites, as well as to archeological sites and contemporary communities. 703 more words


A creative or healthy cryptomnesia

“It is startling to realize that some of our most cherished memories may never have happened—or may have happened to someone else. I suspect that many of my enthusiasms and impulses, which seem entirely my own, have arisen from others’ suggestions, which have powerfully influenced me, consciously or unconsciously, and then been forgotten. 100 more words

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Merely the Mock

As a neurologist and diagnostician, Oliver Sacks must weigh many variables at once to figure out what patients are suffering from. Because of the complexity of thought required for his profession, he has simplified his life wherever possible, to free up mental bandwidth for what he feels is important. 485 more words