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Another mistake/lesson learned: Boy and Sex (Part 3: Final Part)

If you guys haven’t read part one and two, please check out my blog for them!

Continuing on, after my weird discharges and what have you not, all he cared about was me not saying his name, or involving him in the situation. 224 more words


getting vulnerable for good health.

There is a dear friend I have who embodies a sense of “all heart.” She is extremely wise, a very old soul… she has a ferocity and majestic strength in her commitment to the Light. 294 more words



And when I really looked at him, at me, at us; the realization was blinding, that I loved him. Talking to him was like peering into a vast mirror and finally getting a response. 20 more words

Old Soul

My Soul can't help but sing

Praise Him when you don’t understand. To God be the glory.


watermelon and old souls

have you ever met an old soul ? someone you could swear you knew just by staring into their eyes. I am not talking about love at first sight maybe I might be wandering into past lives. 89 more words


Kids vs. Adults | the difference in conversation and culture

I’ve been called an old soul by enough people that I’ve started to truly see myself as one.  By definition, those who consider themselves to be old souls are people who love wisdom and truth and who also understand the… 694 more words