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you could understand it all

if you really wanted to

i just wanted to live in each present moment

knowing that the reality of every choice… 29 more words

Old Soul

Day #255 - Old Soul

I’ve asked Tucker’s teachers to write about their experiences with him.  I’m waiting until I get them all to post – but I think it will paint a really good picture of what our teachers do (and don’t) know.   1,007 more words

New sight

I was blinding myself. I have found my sight on my own and my path as a light worker is becoming clear. I feel like a butterfly unfurling its wings after metamorphosis. 26 more words

The Colors of Time

Unknown title and artist.

My eyes have seen more than you can imagine. The lingering and quick pain, the suffering , the showers of blood, dusty clouds, days turning to night and night to a black hole; a portal. 149 more words


Old Soul, Young Soul, Age To Age

I am a older person who wants to have a younger soul, spirit, attitude. There are younger folks who have a old soul. Perhaps they both have something to contribute to the world.. 194 more words

Tony's Posts

my darling, star.

Love is funny in that it does not exist out of desire.

I never want him to crave me,

for what an unrealistic expectation to have. 155 more words

Old Soul