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#59 - February 28th - My Savior

Do not ask that your kids
live up to your expectations.
Let your kids be who they are,
and your expectations will be
in breathless pursuit.
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Bob Mangroo - Old Soul In The New Energy - 2-26-15

Bob Mangroo


Since December of 2012, Planet Earth entered a new energy and a new consciousness. As we look at the world today, it is tempting to think of it as dark and falling apart. 1,140 more words


Random thought - How to look ugly basic tutorial.

First start with a perfectly normal individual, add a lack of humor, some condescension and arrogance.  If that doesn’t work top it off with some hate selfishness and a general lack of empathy and sympathy. 81 more words



Incase you missed the memo, I happen to be a music head and an old soul when it comes to appreciating the various genres of music we have today. 61 more words


Old Soul

Are you an Old Soul ? Take this quiz to find out.

This has shown up frequently on a number of media outlets.

Sometimes there are 4 questions, sometimes 14. 175 more words



Every time we were asked to write a letter for a classmate at school, I would always put “don’t change” in them.

Dear so and so, Thank you for being a great friend. 436 more words

How 4 letters changed my life.

From a child I have always been different. I was very mature for my age, often finding myself in mature conversations with adults same even seeking/accepting advice from me as a child. 354 more words