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The Grandfather Tour

Listen, I don’t mean any harm. I love me some 90s Music. I feel the 90s was an era of REAL MUSIC and music had such a magnetic feel to it. 208 more words


Eat Your Mushrooms

Two old guys were sitting around talking when they got to the the subject of marriage.

“Have you ever been married?”

“Yeah, I was married three times, but it ended in tragedy every time.” 73 more words


Dylan in Baltimore (PART I)

Ever since I got to Baltimore I started listening to Dylan. Not really sure why. But he’s been one of those musician/ songwriters whom I have known since I was twelve. 150 more words


Caribbean memories

OLD MEN’S MINDS tend to wander, and they usually wander in reverse, which is to say memories as opposed to plans or anticipations. This morning my crusty cranium conjured up memories of Puerto Rico where I once lived. 350 more words


Who will replace sailing's aging volunteer army?

Sailing ranks among country churches, Amish barns and potlucks as institutions substantially built and shaped by volunteers. Their work is all around us: in our clubs, games, safety nets and schools. 40 more words

Saving Sailing

Dear Life,

Why does it have to be either older men or very young boys hitting on me?!

Come on! I do not want a sugar daddy and I am definitely not comfortable with being a cradle robber ( disclaimer: I’m not judging those who fall within these categories). 316 more words

Dear Life...Give Me A Break.

The imperfection of my life. Again.

I’ve always thought that my ability to understand and connect with older folks better than people my own age was something I should be proud of but lately I’ve come to see that I’ve been doing myself a GREAT disservice. 834 more words

Journal Entry