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In my post “First Things First …” I mention my son’s father and said I would tell the story about him … Well, here goes.

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Quirky Moments....

It has been a crazy week and these are the odd parts that made me smile….

There was a little old man…okay he was tall but still….and he was at my window checking out. 340 more words


The grumpy old man was me

A few years ago now, in the middle of what up to then had been a very ordinary day, my bride tugged at my shirt sleeve and asked me why I was always so negative. 874 more words


Old Stuff Works Good

If we had a farm motto at the old white house, it would probably be “Old stuff works good.” We’re chronic reuse it, re-purpose it, “if it ain’t broke” kind of people. 343 more words

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Good old boys drinking whiskey and wine

*by Meg*

I wish I could be single in my fifties. “But Meg! Everyone knows you hit your prime dating fitness in your forties!” I hear you scream at your phones (or desktop computers for those parents/grandparents out there… Love your support Noelle) but after what we’ve witnessed in Ireland so far it really feels like if you’re below the age of 25 in Belfast and Dublin, you find dark, remote spaces to hang out and take all of your best looking friends with you. 578 more words


When it's your first morning back in the office 

after being out of the country for a week, and you’re sick and jet lagged, and your first interaction with anyone is when a creepy old man comes into your office, plants himself in the chair across from you and says to you: 33 more words