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Masks of deception

Hanging threads of life, the masks of deception. Each holds its own secret, it’s own legend. The old men tell tales, of the days of yore, of a time when the night was full and darkness prevailed.


A Fiery Ending

I grew up in the sixties and early seventies. Back then we didn’t have the electronic wonders that kids have today. We had T.V. and radio. 642 more words

Car Models


Peter a social worker wonders why ‘INCLUSIVE’ as a jargon being used everywhere



Does it involving including extreme ends of society? or does it include all services ? 264 more words

Happy Valentines

Whoever you are and however you celebrate Valentines day (including those who think it’s a cruddy holiday concocted by cruel chocolatiers and sadistic florists)

May you feel the love


The Valley Road - Friday Fictioneers

A lot of big things are happening in my life right now, but soon there will be some major changes coming to this blog and my other blog, which I rarely update and will likely be used as the sandbox for my major changes. 135 more words

Fiction With Video

I'm not a Cougar after all

Two men walk up to a bar… One wishes it served alcohol, the other wishes he could purchase golf balls here… These men are really at a squat rack. 488 more words

Getting Hyooge

Grandpa's Winning Ticket

Twice a week, for literally years, Grandpa Vern would dress up, grab his hat and head on down the road to the local Root N Scoot for a cold “Soadie Pop” as he called them and at that time he always bought two lottery tickets. 664 more words