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The Gospel Message

Being made alive together with Him. Christ has taken away all your sins. Settle the forgiveness issue.
* Where did evil come from? Who created evil? 72 more words

Daily Broadcast

It Is Finished!

It is finished. You have the forgiveness of sins and now you can experience His life.
* Explain 1 Corinthians 14:35 Women be silent in the Church? 39 more words

Daily Broadcast

Faith That Pleases God

Jesus is alive and relevant to us today. What is the Gospel?
* Women’s role as a bishop in the Church? Know that Jesus is the head and we are the body. 61 more words

Daily Broadcast

What are You Wearing?

I took my wife to the store the other day, and as I was sitting in the car waiting on her, I observed some people going in and out who stood out based on their style of dress. 566 more words

Christian Life

A List Of Things That Happened At The Cross

It’s difficult for me to admit this now, but I’ve not always lived at The Cross, yet I’d claim to have been a Christian my whole life. 407 more words

My Utmost For His Highest

The Number One Verse on the Old Covenant

Some time ago I published a list of the top 12 verses on the new covenant. It seems only fair that I also give some air-time to the number one verse on the old covenant. 67 more words