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You have to find company...

I was at one of the apartments in Bangalore for a promotional event for my parent’s care service. You may call it being restless or the nature of my work that I cannot really sit at one place for a long time. 285 more words

Old Age

Abandoned Love

My heart’s an open ocean

To fill the abyss of love

But lately, something’s going wrong

I feel it’s drying up

Ever since they realized , 185 more words


Letters of A Broken Heart No. 25

Remembering how it hurt

Watching you hurt

Made me know some feelings demand to be felt

Even if it offers in return no comfort

If one day you wake up and find me no longer there… 83 more words


poetry in chapters

There are stages in the writing of poems

Not stages as in the beginning or the end

But chapters in your life.

From nineteen to twenty five… 136 more words

Ringo to turn 75! Gulp, some of us are old!

I don’t feel all that old old, but I guess I am.

So, then, must this guy be old. Ringo Starr turns 75 next Tuesday. You remember him, yes? 219 more words

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Three Sophoklean Fragments on Old Age



“No lie lasts through old age”

ἀλλ’ οὐδὲν ἕρπει ψεῦδος εἰς γῆρας χρόνου


“No one loves living as much as a man growing old” 25 more words