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I’ve posted this before, but it was before he threw in “whats ur number” at the end. And it just made me laugh so I had to share.

Ok Cupid

Letter of Intent to Date (Phase Unknown (?))

This is the forth in a series of communications with an OK Cupid user from Australia. I would recommend starting with my Letter of Intent to Date… 646 more words


Online Dating Sux!

This is a rant. Therefore it is bound to contain a lot of swearing and be highly offensive. But this is the corner of the web I have designated for myself to post shit like this. 2,566 more words



I bet you’ve sent this to every girl on here. Also I don’t care where you live now… It’s still not where I live so that’s irrelevant.

Ok Cupid

Dating Disaster of the Day: Out-of-Towners/ Midnight Rendezvous

He said: Hey there, how are you doing? I am staying at the Hilton Suites for the weekend. If you would like to get together while I am in town, shoot me a message.

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One month gap

When people wait this long to send another message I assume they forgot they already tried and failed one time?

Ok Cupid