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A Monday OKC treat

This guy has been creepily messaging me on and off for a year. I believe we sent a few messages but never made plans to go out, and then it started to get weird, like if I disabled my account then came back, within minutes I’d have a “hey you’re back!” message from him. 206 more words

Hard to get

I’m not playing hard to get, I’m ignoring you. Also, you know you’re old when you refer to messaging on OkCupid as “emailing.”

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Catching Up

Damn. I should not go this long without updating. Now I have way too much to write!

I saw Colombian Hottie on Wednesday. I picked up some over-the-counter yeast infection cream on my way over. 798 more words


Sundays with OkCupid

  • Harassed if you do, harassed if you don’t….

    Hey there ;) so i won’t waste your time and I will be honest. I am a sweet, fun and down to earth guy.

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OK, Cupid

I took the plunge and created a profile on OK Cupid this week. I think it’s a pretty decent profile – nice pic, honest but positive blurb, so we’ll see how it goes. 1,031 more words



I’d be better if people could spell. 

Online Dating

From Dial-up to Digital: A History of Online Dating

It’s Valentine’s season, and all the think pieces are about online dating. Whether dating sites are the foundation of modern love or the fall of modern civilization, they are certainly capturing our attention. 301 more words

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