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This was clever… But, I’m gonna have to go with B.

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again….

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As unfathomable as this may seem, you’re actually not that original for sending me a message telling me you think we could hit it off.

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The 6 Lesbians You Will Meet Online: It's Not You, It's Them.

After a few years of sporadically dabbling in online dating, I’ve decided it is time to break it all down for all of those Sapphically-inclined women who are thinking it may be time to hop on the Tinder, Plenty of Fish or Ok Cupid wagon. 1,316 more words


Exploding squirrels!!

OK Cupid has the best questions ever.

I admit, I signed up for the site more to answer the questions than to find dates. In the ten months I’ve been on the site I’ve gone on dates with two people, answered over 1500 questions, gotten my personality profile essentially describe me as an ice cold bitch, and read… 214 more words

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Not sure

I really don’t understand why so many guys say they’re “not sure how this thing works.” What’s there to understand?? You look at people, read about them, and then you send them a message. 6 more words

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Beautiful girl

How many other girls are “the most beautiful girl” on OkCupid?

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