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Can My Korean Neighbors Hear Me?

Back in February and March, a fresh crop of EPIK teachers flooded the schools, noraebangs and samgyeopsal restaurants of Best Korea and are now settling into their new lives. 671 more words


Fangirls and Facepalms: A Successful Ticket-less Entry Into the Seoul Doctor Who World Tour

Note: Extreme geekery follows. You have been warned.

So it’s been a while, but before I left for Japan I’d been mentioning quite a bit  3,751 more words


Korean Photo Hunt

Recently I’ve been introduced to analog photography. It’s been an art form I’d always seen my friends do, or saw in passing in a gallery or website, but had absolutely no background in. 271 more words


A Haiku for My Coteacher

Minced garlic last week,
Uncooked rice today,
You make strange food choices, miss. 20 more words


DMZ, Round 2

I’m at the DMZ for the second time with the lovely Leslie who’s visiting for two weeks.

I realize I haven’t actually written about Round 1 at the DMZ, but in short it’s a political amusement park. 27 more words


Some Coy Fingerplay

Found this beauty on a wall downtown.

Don’t even know.

In other news tomorrow I’m going to try ad sneak into the Doctor Who World Tour/willingly get scalped for a ticket! Wish me luck!!



Oftentimes as an ESL teacher, I like to offer more than just my language.

I also like to think I make available my cultural difference for answering various questions about the world (“Why are there black people in America and white people in Brazil?”), exposing them to indigenous cultures (Students: “Eskimo!” Me: “Actually, Inuit; Eskimo is offensive.” Students: “Eskimo!”), and letting them know about various international holidays (Me: “It’s Canada Day today!” Students: *absolutely blankness*). 1,255 more words