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Ode to Winter (Not Really)

While I should have been prepared for yesterday’s power outage, I wasn’t. Even though I had spent the day Monday and that night with my mom because she’s been sick and is still feeling lousy, I really didn’t expect the power to go out somewhere in the wee hours of the morning. 552 more words

The Gifted Writer

The Adventures of Isabel, by Ogden Nash

Isabel met an enormous bear,
Isabel, Isabel didn’t care.
The bear was hungry, the bear was ravenous,
The bear’s mouth was cruel and cavernous.
The bear said, Isabel, glad to meet you, 329 more words


Poetry Is For The Birds

When I announced that I was going to create a post about birds and poetry I got skeptical and disbelieving looks from family and friends.  “Now you’ve gone too far”, and “what do you know about poetry?” were the unspoken but sensed reactions.   1,110 more words


A Valentine's Day Scrooge

Valentine’s Day tends to rouse the dormant Scrooge in me, I have to admit. It’s the ooey-gooeyness of it all that makes me cringe. Lest you think I have a heart of stone, au contraire, I assure you.   257 more words

Random Ruminations

Words to Live By

“Favorite Quotation.” This was one of the blanks to fill in on a bio form I had to submit recently for a presentation I’m giving in a few weeks. 455 more words

Just For Fun

Poprocks, Paraprosdokians, and Kindness

Voltaire’s 18th century warning remains valid. “It is dangerous,” he wrote, “to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” And it’s mighty easy to get things wrong. 671 more words