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Bamidbar Twenty-One: Sihon and Og

The Israelites have been refused passage through the Edomite lands, so they’re taking an alternative route. This route takes them in the direction of Canaanite lands, specifically those of the king of Arad. 387 more words


Chukkat (Numbers 19:1 - 22:1)

Have you ever seen an intense movie, or read an engrossing book, where, as you get near the end, it seems that the author loses energy, or gets tired of the story, and just wants to tie things up as quickly as possible?  1,277 more words

Lunch with the Cutie Pie

We took the pie to Olive Garden (yum!) for lunch today. Between coloring, cuddling and chowing down, baby girl had a great time… 22 more words

New Baby

Chukas - Statutes

This week’s reading is the single Parsha (often Chukas is combined with the next Parsha, Balak), called Chukas -Statutes.  These are the types of commandments that make no sense.  362 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Hello everyone :) Thank you for visiting my blog. First of all, I would like to share that this is my first blog entry ever. Since I was just a little, I always love writing. 900 more words

Body Talks

Based on my cycle tracking, I suspect that I may have ovulated last weekend. I don’t know for sure, mainly because of the timing of my IUD removal and the earlier than expected LMP/withdrawal bleed. 489 more words

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