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The Hannaford correspondence: one swallow might not make a summer but two might

On February 25th I received a reply from Cllr Hannaford, explaining that the delay was caused by dealing with family issues, which is obviously fair enough. 1,056 more words

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Average earnings – the real real growth


  • Contrary to public perceptions most workers (and hard working families) are not suffering a cost of living crisis as often claimed in political debate.
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Too many statistics? The Guardian's view

I can hardly agree with The Guardian’s editorial today: “The Guardian view on statistics in politics: over-counting“.

Part of it is just what one might expect from a newspaper: wordsmiths rant against things they tend not to get, like evidence (all too often it has ruined a great story!), big data and “computers”. 437 more words

Statistics reform - a debate in Parliament

Sir Hugh Bayley the Labour MP for York Central secured a debate on statistics which took place on 14 January (see here at 10.59). He made several important suggestions that would have wide support in the statistics community.  667 more words

Review of the British statistical system

Not widely known about but possibly quite influential, the latest European reviews of EU member states’ statistical systems are well under way.

As the Eurostat… 166 more words

The power of survey data: Eurostat Users' Conference

In the age of big data, social surveys haven’t lost their appeal and interest. Surveys are the instrument through which governments, for a long time, have gathered information on their population and economy to inform their choices. 344 more words

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Big data and official statistics

Will government statisticians act to take advantage of this potential new and important source? Hope so, but fear not.

Yesterday I went to an event on Big Data and Official Statistics. 633 more words