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What if it Was Aishwarya's Child in the Background of This Advert Holding the Large Umbrella?

Aishwarya’s Pathetic Excuse is Less Than Helpful in Defending the Racist Gesture

I was fuming from my ears when I saw this-

The visual, which reflects 17th century European paintings of noblewomen with their child servants is the new advertisement by Kalyan Jewellers.

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Shaming Moms? Nope, Shame on You!

I know a lot of moms. I have a mom, she has a mom, my dad has a mom, my husband has a mom, and his dad has a mom… my friends have moms, many of my friends ARE moms, and oh wait… … 351 more words


You people just don't know

People claim I am mean.

They claim I am an asshole.

They claim many things including that my blog is offensive.

People… you just have no fucking clue. 43 more words


How PC must we be?

Living on the liberal minded West Coast, I am no stranger to the growing awareness regarding how we manage our everyday speech in order to maintain the outward appeal of respectability and political correctness. 866 more words


Katie Hopkins and THAT article


Foul From Top To Toe

Katie Hopkins, that vile being in human form who loves nothing more than controversy.  The woman who professes to “ 1,287 more words


Is it Just Me Or is it a Bit Nippley Out Here?

Stone cold silence – as I told my father and boyfriend that I was a fan of the “Free the Nipple” feminist movement. Silence…before the frenzy. 547 more words