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Chris Pratt Preemptively Apologizes For Offending You in the Future

Actor Chris Pratt posted an apology to Facebook this weekend to apologize in advance for any offensive comments he may unintentionally make on his Jurassic Park press tour. 147 more words

Fucking Eurovision! Fucking Football!

Strap yourselves in, it’s time for the first fucking blog from The Swearing News. I’m just gonna start by saying if Eurovision isn’t your thing, scroll down a bit. 718 more words


"Dastardly" poem

Jack and Jake
Went to the lake
So Jack could drown his son

The town asked “Why?
As Jake would cry
And Jack replied “It’s fun” 31 more words


Behave or The Indian Man Will Come And Get You!

Yesterday morning I took a drive to SS2 Petaling Jaya looking for a new lepak place considering I will be moving there in a couple of weeks. 535 more words

Fa Abdul

Tyranny of the Offended

Life itself, in it’s inherent and intrinsic nature, is offensive. Birth is offensive as is death. Survival is offensive. I mean real survival. Someone is going to kill you and you better beat him to death or you will be the one dead kind of survival. 1,292 more words



Conservatism is dark.

There are no words that can appropriately describe its evil, because evil is its nature. And its perverse affinity, or rather, in fact, its desperation, upon appearing as light (as, in fact, its mere survival depends on it), is strong indeed; being so deceitful that it can fool those looking for milk and honey into drowning themselves in the river Styx, all the while praising God for quenching their thirst, as their souls burn the slow burn of anger, confusion, and, finally, hopelessness. 55 more words


The Incorrectness of Political Correctness

Wikipedia defines Politics as the practice and theory of influencing other people. It refers to achieving and exercising organized control over a human community. It is a practice of distributing power. 333 more words