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The Daily Read: "Don't Take it Personal"

There are some things that you just need to let roll off your shoulders.

You know that saying “What other people think about you is none of your business?” Well, that may be more true in some instances than others. 347 more words

The Daily Read

Offensive Driving or a Simple Little Toot?

This afternoon I panstakingly backed out of a parking spot, due to a large pickup truck blocking my view. As I drifted in reverse a car laid on its horn. 352 more words


Giuliana Rancic Gives 2nd Apology On-Air To Zendaya For Offensive Hair Comment [VIDEO]

Giuliana Rancic took another opportunity to apologize to Zendaya for the disrespectful comment she made about the actress’ Oscar night hair.

Zendaya looked stunning on the red carpet of the Oscars on Sunday as she topped off her elegant gown with a mane of freshly spun dreadlocks. 282 more words

Nia Noelle

"Well So Fucking What!"

I couldn’t help but post this. The subject matter is something that has been an irritant to me forever and a day.

Where does it state anywhere that we have a right to not be offended? 777 more words


Apologies and Intentions

Update: As I was about to post this, Giuliana Rancic released this video apology, which I think says the right things. Whether or not she means it, someone at E! 795 more words