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4th March 2015
By Becki Ashton

Click off. Pause. Didn’t click. Like it should. Click on. Pause. For half as long. Click off. 171 more words

Life Writing


Why the hell does this
Seem so hopelessly off
That something is
Clearly askew and this
Is not how it should be
And this gut feeling is… 30 more words



Put off until tomorrow anything you can ignore completely!


Get down and dirty

If you live life trying not to do anything wrong you’ll probably end up living a pretty lame life.

When you fall down, get scratched up, piss a few people off, and build a bunch of meaningful projects, you life will be well lived. 24 more words

Off Day

I think we all have off days. Days where we do not quite feel right or days where something just is not exactly what we are expected. 139 more words

[Karaoke] Task - Winter Rain (ウィンターレイン)

Currently sorting all my karaoke folders again and I already thought that I lost this song in my new sorting mess. Weird that I couldn’t find its folder in the main folder (which is on my hard drive) with the search system. 268 more words


Mascots have great dance tricks up their sleeves when facing cheerleaders in a dance-off

Would you vote for the guys with giant heads or the girls shaking their butts?