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Mohair Suits

Make A Fashion Statement With Mohair Suits

If you are seeking to make a style declaration for the upcoming season, or, if you simply intend to remain warm and comfortable and also relaxing, look no even more than the fuzzy sophistication of a… 535 more words

Mohair Suits

spirituality as marketed therapy, and the pursuit of true happiness

Over the years I’ve struggled with this idea that has a been a criticism of some of the Asian traditional teachers, that, particularly American Buddhism is therapeutic rather than “religious.” Even I became a spiritual-egoist finally and criticized teachers, both Western and Asian, for pandering to the therapeutic need of the Western want, of market Buddhism (I’m sure Buddha is turning over in his grave at the high cost of “classes.” Buddhism in America is the only religion in America that I know of that charges for classes, seminars, retreats (while it makes a bit more sense for residential retreats, mind you not all Buddhist retreats—in one exception, and in highest regard, is Goenka’s worldwide Vipassana retreats, which are all free, in the true spirit of revolutionary spirituality). 829 more words


OFF THE CUFF: A big day on the Big Piney

When it was over, I was physically drained in a way I hadn’t been in a long, long time.

I was soaked to the bone, a bit groggy, and many of the muscles ached inside my aging body. 827 more words

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OFF THE CUFF: Enjoying the outdoor concert

Spring is the best time of year for enjoying outdoor music.

I’m not referring to the kind you might hear on a warm Saturday afternoon coming from a stage at an annual festival, or the kind a friend might play on a cool night beside a fire pit. 452 more words

Doug's Column

#1 The Last Call...

Hey guys!

Welcome to my new blog. This is THE LAST CALL. Why is this the last call? Because if you know me you might be aware that I’ve attempted to make a blog numerous times and I’ve failed miserably, EVERY SINGLE TIME. 188 more words

Off The Cuff


Is Celia Veloso an ingrate for denying Pres. Aquino and the Philippine government credit for Mary Jane Veloso’s stay of execution and demanding accountability for what happened to her daughter? 942 more words

Human Rights

Something to Keep Me Afloat.

Something to keep me afloat.

That is what this journal is about–something to keep me afloat.

This is my journal. This is my story.

I am 21 years-old, a female, a student, a human being.