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Glitz, Glamour, and Glittering Lights

On Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to model inĀ Off the Cuff‘s The Morning After Gatsby’s Brunch. The premise was that you had partied the night before at Gatsby’s in West Egg, and he’s throwing a brunch because everyone stayed over. 330 more words

Planes + Plates

OFF THE CUFF: You never know what will attract interest

I had the pleasure the other day of sitting and talking with a man possessing a rich background in the journalism field who was visiting the… 756 more words

Doug's Column

Everday Daily Poem - Gladly Going Grrr!

Gladly Going Grrr

Gladly going ‘grrr!’ at my geriatric brain –
I’m hopelessly so failing I will drive myself insane!
I waited for my shopping but it failed to appear… 122 more words


Off the Cuff - Miso Lonely - Column #2

This article is presented with permission from L. Striped Sock, and is from his syndicated advice column “Off the Cuff”, which appears weekly in The Daily Bureau. 702 more words


Everyday daily poem - Interview


What if writing poems each day

is becoming a bore?

I don’t have to write one,

it isn’t the Law!

If not a bore, then if it’s a drain? 336 more words


May I have your attention please!

I’m going to write something off the cuff because last time I did that I got more positive feedback.

Length seems to be my primary enemy. 366 more words


everyday daily poem - My April Fool

My April Fool

is a Jackass mule

it’s pack

is a worn

paper bag.

Now I’m torn between

an A or a B

in a poem… 69 more words