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Smoked Clams

Smoked clams in a can? They’re ok, but they got nothin’ on the real thing. These fresh beauties from the sea will bring out your inner pirate and have you swashbuckling your way down to the seashore at every low tide. 470 more words

Self Sufficiency

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Moora Moora, Healesville

Moora Moora is set high above the rolling green landscape of Healesville and Badger Creek on Mt Toolebewong, about an hour east of Melbourne. 1,479 more words


Simple Water Storage and Rotation

Water Usage

The average household per person uses around 160 litres of water per day, only 4% (6.4 lts) is used for drinking whilst the remaining is used for washing & cleaning with the large proportion for flushing the toilet. 473 more words


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Mini Solar Steps

This week we made incremental steps to becoming “rid of the grid”. To regular RV/trailer folk our purchase may not seem that exciting or novel- we have seen lots of similar items popping up on campgrounds. 414 more words

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College: The way you don't see it.

Perception. That’s probably why every one has a different story to tell. When you’re in the middle of your course, you wouldn’t possibly imagine of living a life the way you planned it out or maybe, if you’re lucky, the odds are in your favor. 159 more words

Laundry, moving through life's cycles

How do we do a simple task like laundry? Is there a bucket and washboard involved? No, we are off grid, not in the 1800s. We purposely bought an older electric Kenmore washing machine with no computer, just plain old knobs and dials. 608 more words

Electricity Conservation

How We Do That… Off-Grid, Part 1

Very good article on the ‘off-grid’ mentality and reasoning. While as an objectivist I disagree with some religious aspects as well as the concept of “selfishness”, I really appreciate the view point as well as the practicality of going off grid, especially in a time when one financial disaster, or one lunatic group with an EMP device could send us quickly into chaos.  11 more words