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REFERENCE, Couple Spends 20 Years Building A Self-Sustaining, Floating Island To Live Off The Grid | Bored Panda

Couple Spends 20 Years Building A Self-Sustaining, Floating Island To Live Off Th

This floating fortress of sustainable living floating on the coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia goes to show just how wonderful a sustainable life off the grid can be. 159 more words


Jaded Joanna

Jaded Joanna

I’m tired. I’m tired and frustrated. I’m fed up. I’m tired of working. I’m tired of paying rent. I’m tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere. 810 more words

Electricity: When the backup generator is called upon…

What to do when that sun stays hidden behind the clouds for weeks on end? Well, the answer is a backup generator powered by non-ethanol, high octane fuel. 667 more words

Electricity Conservation

Newsletter #14 - Off-Grid, Festivals and Fire!

Hi Outdoor Peeps!

Have you been making the most of the decent weather? I’ve been reading – or rather listening to – Richard Louv’s “The Nature Principle” where he quotes some research saying that people are happier after some time outside regardless of the weather. 465 more words

Outdoor People

The Frizzles Finally Come Home

This weekend is the annual Piedmont Farm Tour and I am super excited since this will be Neil’s first time and we are bringing my precious nieces and nephews.  382 more words

On being free: childhood

I posted the other day about grasping our political freedom, about engaging with our democracy despite it’s flaws. This post is about letting go. Letting go in order to allow our children to grasp their own freedom, to engage fully in their childhood, free from helicopter parents hovering in the background, able to make their own mistakes, to learn their own lessons, abilities and limitations by themselves, unhindered by well meaning but potentially interfering parents (of which I certainly am one). 797 more words


Living off grid, low impact and self-sufficient

“It’s a calling I guess,” Dan says as his eyes squinted and looked into the sky as if he has gone into a deep thought. At the backdrop, it was acres and acres of green land, his houses sits on a hill, a stream quietly flows by the front yard, vegetables are thriving at the patches, and his horses and lambs are hanging around feeling the breeze in a very fine day. 1,300 more words