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Going To See Age Of Ultron

Going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron today and i am so excited. Been keeping away from trailers as i want some of it to be fresh even though i am sure they haven’t ruined the movie. 58 more words


piece of parts

furthest thing

and the  lasting


and how it followed

and made its own weather

and what is the rise

and what is the tense… 51 more words


manner of style

well dressed

and well deserved

and  minutes

and final  taken

and how it kept

a question

and its own remarks

sheer  overjoyed

and  distance of the calm… 60 more words


storys of love

every been a place

and  everything held you together

and yet emotion

was on empty

and its own cup  had ended

and nothing  more could or would  be… 47 more words


hands of take

put all the life of eggs

in a basket

and which way shall it end

and where it  belongs

and its own  fight

top into… 46 more words


suppose of life


and how it heard

and those of charm

and where it ran

down the flight

and its own stairs

and how it wants

and those of meetings… 45 more words