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“Oh but drifter, you must not burden yourself the way you do. I believe you were meant for something much greater than what you see now. 27 more words


Odyssey (American Odyssey) eps 1 and 2

In Mali, a U.S. Special Forces Team unexpectedly find and kill an Osama Bin Laden-type figure. Their superiors congratulate them, then, for sinister global conspiracy reasons, send a private security team to kill them all, with only Anna Friel’s Sgt. 828 more words


Braintwisting Space Odyssey

Gravity Core is an Anti-Casual Braintwisting Space Shooter. Accompanied by a psychotic artificial intelligence, you have to master three dimensional space and challenges to your sense of orientation and perception to save all existence from extinction. 10 more words


When Motherhood Isn’t Nonstop Bliss

Nine Months By Paula Bomer

Bomer delivers a book of stark honesty that may not be for everyone. It’s not simply the raw sexual and biological images, but even more troubling to some is the idea that motherhood can rob you of your soul, if you allow it to. 606 more words


Lost (and found) in space

Flying into the unknown:

‘During a circuitous ten-year trek across the Solar System, Rosetta will cross the asteroid belt and travel into deep space, more than five times Earth’s distance from the Sun. 133 more words

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold's Demo Arrives on Nintendo eShop in July!

This next one goes out to all the shield-carrying, plate-wearing, unsung heroes in all of RPG-dom. Sure, they may mitigate tons of lethal monster damage and keep the rest of your party safe with guard abilities, but at the end of the day, holding a shield just never gets the same respect as those flashy magic spells or the glint of cold steel as it hacks monsters in twain. 204 more words


A Single Mom's Odyssey


This is the last week before my world changes forever. In a few short days I will gain the title of Mommy. I created this blog to anonymously get out my frustrations as a first time mom, a single mom, a single woman, and a graduate student. 60 more words