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Icebreaker Anna/Isbrytaren Anna ;)

Pastel Painting on red paper. Icebreaker Anna. A call to myself to always try to break the ice when it settles on the “wrong” places. Traditionally wearing icebreaker name of the Norse gods, Oden, Ymer, Frej and Atle. 108 more words

Pastel Paintings/Pastellmåleri

More Osaka, Oden and the Pokemon Centre

Less than three hours ago (or perhaps more by the time I’m done writing this blog post), I finish my last exam for the semester! Potentially my last exam ever (!!!) because the electives I’m looking at right now don’t have exams as part of their assessments. 1,009 more words


Upcoming Story Excerpt: 'Stone Mountain Pass'

The morning came.  The innkeeper woke and stretched.  He peered through his window.  Dirty lead glass.  The stars were out.

He dressed and patted dust into his hair.  487 more words


NHK Documentary: 72 hours

Yesterday, I saw an NHK documentary called Document 72 hours. The team takes to everyday streets in Japan and interviews people over a period of 72 hours, and getting some really warm heartfelt conversations along the way. 342 more words

Someone Pour Me a Drink: Tonight We're Eating Oden!

Oden has been popping up in a lot of anime as of late, so I decided it would be a great time to share with you a recipe for this fishcake-laden nabe dish! 1,420 more words


Oden and Aji de Gallina: I enjoyed the belated Christmas party with the Japanese and the Peruvian food!

Today’s topic is an event at the end of last year, although March has already started…. I visited a Peruvian friend, Rosario, with two of my Japanese friends, Michiyo and Sachiko, on December 26th, the day after Christmas. 229 more words


D11: Birthday Meal

Today is Mercedita Day! I scheduled today as a floating holiday to celebrate my birthday so… Yay, for Mercedita Day! HaHa!

Mercedita Day… 54 more words