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Watch that first step

Do you remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs is trying to run away from the alien-bird that Marvin Martian creates? They go up and up and up on this motorized platform and when they are way up, Bugs opens a door, the alien-bird steps out and falls to the black oblivion of outer space. 98 more words


We Didn't Listen - Odd Walking Thoughts

Hello.  There are many versions.  The cupboard was closed and with it came metal and something had fallen.  She’d given clues and told you all the voices sounded the same. We didn’t listen.


Odd floral head.

heres a girl in a similar sort of style to my post the other other day. She has a floral crown. I can’t draw flowers to save myself lol! 21 more words


I was told to use my sense of humour - and I WARNED them!!

Today, I shocked my students during a trip to the Science Museum. They asked excitedly: ‘Sir, what are we doing next?’ I replied: ‘We’re going to search the building for the three students I lost last year.’ Later, a head count revealed that one student was (temporarily) missing. 45 more words