My meeting at work this morning was interrupted by the noise of turkeys gobbling. We looked out the window and saw two large turkeys fanning their tails in front of the first floor windows. 65 more words

Odd Moments

How to throw a really wild party

1 — Pick a night when your wife will be home late.

2 — Pick a night when your son is out at a CPR class. 100 more words

Odd Moments

Thoreau's grave, and a missing tree

As the snowbanks very slowly recede, E and I have taken to getting our nature walks in cemeteries, since the plowed and paved roads through them are much less wet and muddy than any woodland trails. 258 more words

Odd Moments

17 years later

Insurance companies usually advise you to photograph the contents of your house, so if there’s a total loss, you have proof for the insurance company of what you’ve lost. 178 more words

Odd Moments

Gender-neutral graduation gowns

We just got an email from M’s school, announcing that the school will be switching to a gender-neutral approach to graduation gowns. No more girls in white and boys in the school color — now everyone will be in the same school color. 319 more words


Market research

E is a coffee fiend. She’s known in every coffee shop within 10 miles of home/work/commute. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that when a new coffee shop opened in our town, she… 251 more words

Odd Moments

We got a critter!

Based on interesting tracks and scat, we’ve been speculating for a while about which critters tromp through our yard when we’re not there to see them.  94 more words

Odd Moments