17 years later

Insurance companies usually advise you to photograph the contents of your house, so if there’s a total loss, you have proof for the insurance company of what you’ve lost. 178 more words

Odd Moments

Gender-neutral graduation gowns

We just got an email from M’s school, announcing that the school will be switching to a gender-neutral approach to graduation gowns. No more girls in white and boys in the school color — now everyone will be in the same school color. 319 more words


Market research

E is a coffee fiend. She’s known in every coffee shop within 10 miles of home/work/commute. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that when a new coffee shop opened in our town, she… 251 more words

Odd Moments

We got a critter!

Based on interesting tracks and scat, we’ve been speculating for a while about which critters tromp through our yard when we’re not there to see them.  94 more words

Odd Moments

The next stage

Today I went out to lunch with some current and former coworkers to celebrate that a paper we wrote together has finally (after multiple revisions to please the reviewer from hell) been accepted for publication. 179 more words


The right tool for the job

I had baked M a pumpkin pie so our family could celebrate his college acceptance. Last night he had another slice of pie for dessert. I saw the pie after he’d cut his slice, and the cut edge looked like it had been attacked by rabid mice. 125 more words


Reason #59

Commuter sends somebody to helland finds out it’s the interviewer for his new job.

Results : bumps received, lot of awkwardness, no job.

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