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Mother's Day Gift Guide

When you are a mother, you end up putting your children’s needs before yours. So of course mothers deserve to be honored and appreciated for every thing that they do. 100 more words

October 2013

Allegations hit close to home

Greenwood has its share of substitute teachers. Some are liked more than others. One particular substitute that some students were fond of was Mr. Michael Rankin, or “Coach” as some called him.   206 more words

October 2013

Google Jobs

The scopes of job at Google are: Engineering & Design, Operations and Support, Product Management, Developer Relations & Technical Solutions, Sales & Account Management, Product & Customer Support, Partnerships, Sales Operation, Administrative, Business Strategy, Finance, Legal & Government Relations, Marketing & Communications, People Operations, Real Estate & Workplace Services, and Social Impact. 138 more words


Poll results: class and club offerings

Poll results are in for what classes and clubs Greenwood students would like to have offered.  Though psychology was most requested, Greenwood offers the course online.   25 more words

October 2013

Public Speaking Regional CDEs

April 28 was the day of the Regional Competition for public speaking CDEs. Greenwood had 10 students compete in 6 different competitions. Hayden Eubanks placed first in Extemporaneous Speaking, Luke Gorman placed seventh in Conservation Speaking, Brooke Rumberger placed fifth in Junior Prepared Public Speaking, Libby Baker-Mikesell placed third in Senior Prepared Public Speaking, and Maggie Campbell placed sixth in Senior Prepared Public Speaking. 72 more words

October 2013

Who's Your Favorite Disney Princess?

At lunch students were asked who their favorite Disney Princess is and the results are in:

Rapunzel- 9

Cinderella- 8

Elsa- 7

Snow White- 4… 51 more words

October 2013

Senior Class Trip . . . ?

There is always debates about where seniors should and should’t be aloud to go for their senior class trip. I was curious to see what the rest of Greenwood thought about senior class trips. 63 more words

October 2013