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Your voice still cracks when you speak of home.

I calculate the miles the way I calculate calories: obsessively, compulsively. I do not let myself forget. I’ve been told, “to filter love is to cut out our hearts” – mine pulsates weakly on the kitchen counter every morning as I brew a pot of coffee. 725 more words


Lucky Chick (Fringe NYC)

Written and Performed by Felicity Seidel; Directed by Padraic Lillis

A comedic story of how a young girl got swept up into a crazy drug and sex-fueled world alongside her older boyfriend, Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead.

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October 2013

My Ass (In the World)... (Fringe NYC)

A True Story of Love, War,Taliban… …and Dirty Lambada-Dancing

Written and Performed by Jasmine Pittenger; Directed by Mary Catherine Donnelly

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October 2013

Belgium: Mesnil Eglise

I found once a helpx opportunity in the French speaking part of Belgium in a small village called Mesnil Eglise with a retired Welshman who wanted to renovate his house and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to improve my French as well as to practice my English. 1,721 more words


A Wedding Playlist that Guests of All Ages Will Love

by Kim Forrest

We shared a couple’s wedding music requests with a top DJ and asked her to create a playlist to reflect their style. Check out what she came up with! 142 more words

October 2013