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100 Writing Prompts Challenge -- Day Twenty-Eight: Goal

It’s an OCD Thing

lists upon lists
clutter my space
goals and to-dos
hopes for tomorrow

it’s an OCD thing
I doubt you’d understand
until you too… 91 more words


My Throat Didn't Close Up

Of yourse it didn’t, Emma. Anxiety is a total b*tch at times, but it’s up to me to control it. And I must say, I’m getting pretty good at recognising and controlling it. 9 more words

The Journey

3 People instead of 2

My relationship is  in indeed between just two people me and him but there is one other slight person who likes to make an appearance every so often and that is his OCD. 585 more words

Everyone needs to rant sometimes...

You know, I always second-guess myself. I always compare myself—obsessively—to other people, only to destroy any confidence I have built up over the years.
I know that having OCD is like having a bully with you 24/7, repeatedly telling you how horrible you are, but COME ON. 125 more words

The End?

I’ve been trying to live my life as “normally” as I possibly can ever since my diagnosis. But it gets harder and herder to do so every day that I persist. 275 more words


Pictures for O.T.T

Who’s Who????

I took the clothes off the line one day  My husband took them off another day.

I have been diagnosed with OCD, he has not. 32 more words


Elastic Fantastic

Back on the blog.

Had yesterday off to gather my thoughts…and drink a little bit of prosecco. Have done a lot of napping whilst M has been away. 923 more words