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Syntax, Serenity, and Spiritual Ratiocination -- Say *That* Out Loud Three Times

If you tuned in last month, you read my ignominious blog, which happily was not as ignominious as I had feared. Stuck in my winter doldrums and with no creative burst in sight, I simply dashed off a stream-of-consciousness blog based on a word that was floating around in my head (ignominious) and hoped for the best. 895 more words

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Looking for Clues

“The unexpected sound of your name on somebody’s lips. The good dream. The odd coincidence. The moment that brings tears to your eyes. The person who brings life to your life. 965 more words

Occasional Essays

How Not to Sell a House

I don’t know how to sell a house. I don’t know the first thing about selling houses, except that the process involves lawyers and inspectors and banks, and scary questions about mold and termites and squirrels in the attic. 440 more words

Occasional Essays

Zadie Smith On The Glitz, The Glamour, and The Realities of Oscar Weekend

As Oscar weekend approaches, a few words from the dry wits of Zadie Smith in an essay titled Ten Notes on Oscar Weekend from the book… 424 more words


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Stupid, stupid week. Stupid. I’ve been doing so well with my grief and have felt quite happy for more than a month. Phew! Out of the woods after a year of crashing through the underbrush of my brother’s death. 403 more words

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That's a Strange Post for Martin Luther King Day

Ignominious. Isn’t that a marvelous word? I thought it might be fun to pull a favorite word out of my gray matter once in a while and write about it. 477 more words

Occasional Essays

The Issue is God -- And Six Reasons it Doesn't Matter

The big question — that’s what we disagree on. Is there a God or not? Several of my very close friends whom I love and respect believe that there is no God: no conscious, purposeful Spirit at work in the universe. 536 more words

Occasional Essays