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Free Podcasts with Chalene Johnson!

I’ve been a Chalene Johnson fan for nearly seven years and consider her to be one of my mentors – not only in health and fitness, but in business and goal-setting as well. 518 more words



It starts with a babysitter, always a young girl. The kids (she presumes) are upstairs, peacefully sleeping as she relaxes downstairs. Suddenly, there is a phone call. 1,233 more words

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Obsessions: Food, Fitness, and my experiences with it

One of the most difficult obstacles for myself has been my relationship with food and fitness. It becomes more of an obsession than a relationship. There have two extremes to this obsession for me. 527 more words


"Oh my God, a PONY!"

Why, it’s magical, magnificent, breathtaking! Forget sunsets, waterfalls and solar eclipses: this is creation at its finest. This sight, it’s… It’s life changing, I tell you! 339 more words


My Newest Obsession: Planner decorating

Hello again! I know that I should be studying for finals, however, I wanted to blog just one post for the day before I go out and face reality. 254 more words


Behind the Baltimore rioting

The following statistics explain a lot about the Baltimore rioting, though you’ll likely never learn of them from Sharpton, Jackson or their crony Obama:

Blacks constitute about 13.1% of America’s population. 124 more words