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Black Magic Love

Sear my skin with just one look

Rip me open with your voice

Just one glance, that’s all it took

What is music and what is noise? 52 more words


Soul Truth Declaration

Take what you want. Leave the rest. Stretch to believe if it feels good to do so.

My true nature is luminous.

I have everything that I need in this moment to move to the the next moment. 159 more words


5 things I'm obsessed with right now

This post definitely has summer vibes. Maybe its the heatwave we are currently having?! Or the fact that I just got back from the Dominican Republic and I just can’t let it go. 709 more words

If The Shoe Fits - Steve Madden Edition

Hellooooo everyone and happy Thursday! Welcome to a newest edition of If The Shoe Fits – Steve Madden style! This post is compliments of the suggestion from my friend at HKD so major shout outs to her! 758 more words


We're Obsessed With: Ambivalently Yours

Oh to be a teen in the age of Tumblr. Pretty-on-pink drawings by anonymous artist Ambivalently Yours thoroughly soothe and vindicate my inner teenage girl with reminders that it’s more than okay to be sensitive, emotional, complicated, and unabashedly “girly.” Ambivalently says, “I want my art to be about all of us boldly undecided girls.” Here are a few of my favorites: 14 more words

Everything Else

HELP, I've been sucked into the vortex known as KPop

I first heard about Korean music (K-Pop) and dramas in high school, but I wasn’t very interested because I had so much school work. Fast forward to today and I’ve been sucked into the K-Pop world and I can’t get out! 217 more words


Manic. ✿

So my ‘normal’ mood is feeling like utter shit but showing everyone that I’m fine because if I didn’t they would all worry and stuff, so… 143 more words

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