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1A collection of my own

I’m writing a collection of my own stuff

Urban Guerilla Poetry

Tall buildings Poetry

Hot streets, cool crowds Poetry

Genteel ghettos, shelters for the poor Poetry… 34 more words


He protested

They shackled him and beat him, the news announcer said

Yes, he refused to “go gentle into that dark night”, refused and

Protested his innocence, he and thousands more, 33 more words


Having never planned

Having never planned…..

Because I never planned it this way or that for that matter

It seems to have turned out so much better than I ever expected… 44 more words


At journey's end

At journey’s end they were met by his lover and their daughter

Eerily waiting while baggage is claimed and passports are checked


Was he so eager to see her, his lover, after a connubial trip away? 63 more words


A cautionary tale

Here’s an interesting cautionary tale for you. It’s a story about how a well-developed ancient culture once blew itself up.

Once there was great global civilization. 495 more words


A poem to my dad

A poem to my dad


Years ago you took me there to play among the desks

Exalted in my own way, your only child, princess of peaceful  nations, 63 more words


DMV = Diverse multitudes of vehicles?

First off, DMV is a place where times goes to waste and people go to dread the wait.
I came around 9:30 am and finished around noon, not bad I guess. 626 more words