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As far as I can remember, I used to be a very observant child. And last I checked, I still am /quite/ an observant person. Except, things have changed. 108 more words


My first post...

The date is the 2nd of February and I have just landed in Changi Airport Singapore after an incredibly bumpy and turbulent flight.

Why am I here? 200 more words


Seeing Shadows of My Father at a Famous Person’s Old Home

Love for one’s father, translated…

When my father was younger and was attending medical school, he’d once lived in the northeast for almost a decade, back then, the former director of the legislative office, Yun-Shuen Sun was going to Harbin for college, and because of this, my father said, that, they’re, of the same origins, seeing anything report on Director Sun, he’d proudly exclaimed, that being born in the Northeast is what sets you apart.  498 more words


A Husband Who Heads Out, Late in the Night

What’s he been up to, why must he go out so late???  Translated…

On a cold winter’s night, after I’d gotten the kids settled in bed, I’d curled up into the quilts early, and, I’d mumbled to myself, “Kept coughing nonstop, I’m already hoarse.   493 more words

Properties Of Life

On Sleeplessness

Dear Akank,

A few evenings back you told me that you weren’t sleepy at bed time. It wasn’t the first time. You said you have been an insomniac and take till 2:30 in the mornings at times to finally be able to sleep. 238 more words


On being a photographer

Dear Akank,

I know how enthusiastic you were when you signed up to be part of the media team for the MUN event at school this month. 160 more words


Does Self Hatred Equal Racism?

And if so, who the fuck cares?
A thought recently crossed my mind that has seemed to take a strong hold, and one that has become a nice discussion point for myself. 465 more words