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Harry Skywalker vs Voldermort Vader

I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a few days ago, no reason why. It was just left on my PVR / DVR and I wanted to clear the list. 500 more words


John McPhee Made Me Cry

and not in the way
that a movie about
a boy and his dog
who get lost in the forest
and then get separated
and the dog gets his leg… 70 more words


A Better Way To Board Airliners

Whenever I travel, I can’t help but notice the different ways that airlines load passengers on their planes.

That first sentence isn’t really true. Whenever I travel by plane, I can’t help but notice the different ways that airlines load passengers on their planes.When I drive to my destination, I’m indifferent to anything the airlines do. 693 more words


Slovenian Startup Enhances Education Via Entrepreneurship

Slovenian Startup Enhances Education Via Entrepreneurship.

Here’s how it works: high schools pay Ustvarjalnik to provide an after-school program, global events and entrepreneurship curriculum, and Ustvarjalnik in turn pays the mentor—a local entrepreneur who wants to bring the curriculum to their local community—a stipend for hosting the program at the high school. 69 more words


Filmmaker's Audacious Plan to Bring UN Goals to Everyone

Filmmaker’s Audacious Plan to Bring UN Goals to Everyone.

by Jan Lee

To launch this effort, called Project Everyone, they have put together an impressive list of resources from around the world — a kind of go-to list of experts who know the culture, languages, media, and strategies for reaching populations near and far. 35 more words


Fresh Re-Start

I got some new flowers for my table today. I changed the sheets on my bed and vacuumed the floors. After being down with a nasty virus for several days, it’s time to hit the reset button. 171 more words



it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.

What I’m running into these days is a lack of humility in people and a great deal of blaming others for unfavorable outcomes of their own making and not taking responsibility or being accountable for current situations. 131 more words