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First Swallow

Sitting in the boat this afternoon, I have been watching the swallows dipping and diving across the water.
Just a couple of days ago, it was just one or two, but today I have seen at least a dozen. 97 more words

Financing vs. Leasing: My Experience With Progressive

…And I’m not talking about the insurance company with Flo.

I’ve never been a big fan of the concept of leasing, simply due to the fact that in the vast majority of cases I’ve seen, it doesn’t make sense to do so. 555 more words


Leasing of Public Lands to the Fossil Fuel Industry ... my letter to President Obama

April 25, 2015

Dear President Obama,

Concerning the offshore oil leases and the leasing of public lands to the fossil fuel industry, my father was an engineer, a geophysical engineer, who was asked to comment on an earlier oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico over 40 years ago. 366 more words


In the Sparkling of Crimean Wine, Youth Does not Know Age

Even though I have spent so much time here in Berlin that my humor may be considered German by now (it is nearly nonexistent or not understood by others), there are still some places in Berlin that I have never been to. 686 more words

The Berlinish Journal

The earthquake in Kathmandu 2015

Mahesh Acharya had just finished speaking about the contentious constitutional issues. It was now turn to talk about the upcoming national convention of his party the Nepali Congress. 1,212 more words


Yahoo News… Proof that everybody poops.

This morning, Yahoo news sported an article discussing the possible causes for the recent explosion in seismic activity around Oklahoma.

From the article “The seismicity rate in Oklahoma is about 600 times greater than it was before 2008, around the time dewatering started in the state. 71 more words


Paying tax is a privilege...

…the infrastructure and services that we all rely on and the communities that we live in are only made possible by coordinated effort; few people can afford to build their own hospitals, roads, libraries or schools and even those that could would rely on harnessing the combined abilities and intellect of others to make their schemes a reality. 1,017 more words