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Sac Classics: 912 K Street "The Senator Fox Theater"

The Fox Senator Opened in 1925

One Screen 2500 Seats

The Fox Senator Theater was created from two earlier theaters, a large one on L Street and a smaller theatre on K Street. 137 more words


A Really Good Friend

Tonight was a date night with my wife, or as she finally referred to me in frustration and anger, a really good friend.

I knew that something like this was coming, but it still did not lessen the sting. 121 more words


Are you sure you want to be a Texan?

A recurring scene in my life: I am asked for my ID.  I hand it over and they immediately spot the Texas logo.  Always the same response: “We get tons of Texans around here.” 409 more words


More Bags Than Imelda Marcos Has Shoes

I’m on a constant quest for the right combination of travel gear, and as a result I have more bags than Imelda Marcos has shoes. Sara will store them for me, but my kids basically have all the travel gear they need as well. 200 more words


No-One Likes a Tease

As an adult I like to think that I’ve gotten a good grasp on handling expectations. I can sleep the night before Christmas just fine. I can await both my birthday and Easter (ahhh the candy!) without getting too out of breath. 611 more words


Stop Taking Selfies!

Hair cuts, having met weight loss or gain goals, new piercings or tattoos: all acceptable reasons to snap a pic. However, 2005 is 10 years past, and so should be the “I’m Bored” selfie. 757 more words

Behavior Analysis

Learn to Let Go

On the philosophies of life, translated…

Q: Mr., Mr., isn’t it dangerous, to let go of the motorcycle handlebars when you ride?

A: I’m still so very young, and you call me an old man?  213 more words