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If you’re human, then, surely, you will go through the process of growing old, and falling ill, and die, but, it seems, that on the writings on such subjects, there are, gender specifications too. 234 more words


The One With the Third Full Day

Today was a great day at school! Apparently every Friday, all of the students have a “practico”, or what seems to me like a home economics class, for almost the entire day. 261 more words

The Students from N.T.U. Sold Handmade Soaps to Help Those Who are Living on the Edges of the Society

Good deeds, caught on “tape”, from the Newspapers, translated…

Four students from N.T.U. set up the group, “NTUtopia” platform, worked with the not-for-profit organization of “Community Village”, helped those who lived on the edges of the society, they not only set up the handmade soap gift box sets, they’d even push forth the products to the EMBA Alumni Group of NTU to be used as the gifts of the Alumni Group’s meetings; they’d raised funds from the online community as well, and gotten the monetary supports from multiple enterprises, so the not-for-profit organizations can have more funds to do what they need to do. 456 more words


Music with Meaning

There isn’t really one type of music that I listen to. I often joke that most of the time I’m just listening to whatever is playing in the gym that day. 327 more words


Congealed Dairy

This has nothing to do with Christchurch, and is little more than a reckon, masquerading as an observation. I spent the weekend down in Queenstown for a wedding, and came back via the Waitaki Valley. 265 more words


Oh, Florida...

…where killing a black man is just fine but fucking on the beach – not so much.

Last July, Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez were arrested on Bradenton Beach for having… 759 more words