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Vancouver Street Art

Street Art snapped in Vancouver by Mitch Hicks

Sorry I can’t credit any of the street artists as they are unknown to me

Mitch Hicks

Tea Memories

A second-hand teabag, a spoonful of sugar and a large quantity of milk- that’s how I remember it.

We’d be having a sleepover at Nana’s. Already in our pyjamas, with a tea towel tucked into our collars in case of spillage, sipping the warm, milky tea while Sandy Pussycat stretched himself out on the hearth rug. 267 more words


Sports Talk

Okay, it’s time for me to reveal one of my other hobbies: sports. I just love them. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, etc, I like it. 865 more words


Where are You Rushing To?

Every time I travel to school, I ride a tricycle then a bus, then I get on the LRT. Coming back from school this three are still what I ride just in the reverse order. 438 more words


Finding fault in "others"

“Rich is a very proud individual. He is very arrogant.”
That is a judgment.
In my mind from now on, Rich is equivalent to arrogant and proud.
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Chennai's Traffic Rules: A List

If you haven’t experienced the roads of India first-hand, you are missing out. (They are definitely not for the fainthearted)
Traffic rules are practically non-existent and the streets are chaotic, fun, crazy, noisy and disorganized. 653 more words


5 things a man needs to remember


It’s vital that you remember your name. When you hear her say he or him, she’s talking about you. When she says your name, she’s talking to you. 147 more words