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Spontaneous Reflex

This moment in your reality is a clean slate, waiting to be written upon… write a good life!

Why you should not trust Tracey to know your audience

Tracey is a communications professional and also a married mum with two kids under ten. So naturally, when the organisation she works for wanted to create a campaign targeting parents with young children, they used her to test their campaign strategy. 496 more words

Public Relations

April 27th

Despite the rule, some people are beautiful on the outside in. Meaning their outside beauty matches what’s on the inside. None of this ugly duckling, puberty nonsense. 100 more words


Observation #21 April, 27, 2015

A little snack’s existence is a necessity. even that a dip is absent.


Why Use Teacher Observation Software?

Lesson observation software allows the Observation record to be available 24/7 to anyone in the organisation who might need it

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The Lesson Observation Form Is Central

A key part of the observation process is the actual form used to record observations. It has to be clear & unambiguous in its page and section headings..

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skunk cabbage by tom clausen

between chores
I study my hands
as if they might hold
I should know 6 more words

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