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Just another mind full of humor #1

This is just a way I sometimes express what I am seeing around nowadays and what I observe, so if someone gets offended or instead like whatever I said- please do comment in the end! 1,306 more words




Adept at withdrawal, it retreats.
How appropriate, we think,
that its body curls
with the wind’s
tug, offering
only the
resistance. Then
it returns, 34 more words


Scientists Studying the Use of Animals to Predict Quakes

Government researchers in China have asked a select group of farmers to monitor abnormal behavior among their livestock — behaviors that could be indicative of imminent earthquakes.   71 more words

Promises, Promises aka Who Let the Dog Out

I hate irregardless with a passion.

The prefix “ir” is a negative prefix, making irregardless a double negative.

Using the word makes me want to stab you in the ear/ir. 55 more words

It's A Matter of Disrespect - Or Truth?

What’s the difference? One is beneficial and the other is belittlement. It’s that simple. Yes, the truth can hurt but its bitter sweet. From a truth, you can grow into something better. 681 more words

General Knowledge

A Totally Different View -- www.nathanvass.com

It’s a rare thing indeed to come across a writer whose voice is so unique that it comes through loud and clear in his work. Recently I met such a writer at the Fresh Ground Stories meetup group in Seattle. 203 more words