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Doris Weston

Doris Weston was a lucky, lucky girl who did not come to Hollywood – Hollywood came for her. While this worked wonders in some cases, in others it was a proverbial kiss of death – it’s not easy for a newcomer to carry a movie right off the bat, especially if the said newcomer is a young and relatively inexperienced songstress (like Doris was). 2,016 more words


Wanna Bet? A Look At Obscure British Sports


Every country mass produces something, and it seems like the United Kingdom mass produces obscure sports. Some were created because of a bet, or to make the country look good, or just out of boredom. 525 more words


Jan Buckingham

Jan Buckingham was given the huge honor of acting in many a movie made by Preston Sturges, one of the foremost comedic directors of the 20th century. 2,135 more words


Blurred Vision...

Is there anyone left to sleep?

Anyone wants to spend a sleepless night?

Or only I remain as a witness of this darkness of

night… 259 more words

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