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The Kinds of Writing

The best kind of writing usually begins with inspiration.

Now I say “usually” because there are many men and women who actually write for a living, who cannot wait for the sudden strike of  473 more words



Heavy arms
holding me
lean in deep
hard to breathe
neck slumps low
a crooked tree
shade hides me
refuse to be
all but free… 13 more words

an absence of therapy 1

what keeps me up most often is the obligation to sleep.
there is nothing more poisonous to one’s pleasure
than its necessity.

i have a habit of working places i’d rather just be, 73 more words


I swallow shame for breakfast

I’m going to Hawaii with a man I don’t love

in fact, I don’t even like him

It’s not that he’s a bad guy, in fact, he’s always been kinda the ‘good guy’ if you know what I mean. 1,196 more words


The sacred art of manipulation

Don’t touch me or I’ll wither. I’m soft like the petals of a flower. I’m beautiful like the fine shine of a well polished wooden desk. 457 more words


Tit for Tat??

Tit for tat is an abbreviation for this for that and can be summed up by saying I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. It can also mean I’ll get you if you get me, but it’s most often used to describe getting what I want by giving you what you want. 545 more words


Caught in the Middle

I recently returned from a thirty-six hour visit to see my mother and her husband of thirty-eight years. Yes, it was thirty-six hours. I learned long ago that visits with my mother should be short and sweet. 1,111 more words