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wedding planning

I’m getting married.  We now have a date several months hence, making everything frighteningly real.

Here is a thing people say to you when you’re getting married. 997 more words

Random Guff

So, the other day I woke from a dream. I couldn’t remember any events that may have occurred. The only thing that was fresh on my mind was of me asking someone to define priority. 159 more words


What Reform Judaism can learn about Choice from Disney World

In 2002, at the age of 18, I visited Walt Disney World for the first time. My sister was 15, and waiting until this point in our lives to make the trek to Orlando was a supremely wise decision on my parents’ part, as it removed a lot of the stress that accompanies visiting the home of the world’s most famous mouse. 2,122 more words

Judaism - Reform

It is necessary: Must or Have To

We use Must or Have to, to say that it is necessary to do something. Often it doesn’t grammatically matter which you use. However, in some situations they mean different things.  124 more words


obligation loving yourself

bow into the  mirror of   the one

and only   soul  where it maters the most

be of the healthy and be of the nature

and   how it seeks and what it  wants… 49 more words


Feeling as an Obligation

I’ve experienced many humiliating things in my life, many things I don’t like to even talk about. The damage from those things have left deep scars within me, but none as pronounced as the consequence of feeling as an obligation.  741 more words


You Don't Come with a 'USE ME' Sign

You oblige someone so many times that you’ve lost count, but one day, due to circumstances of your own that you choose not to disclose, you politely decline, and then, that person happens to forget the countless times you actually… 213 more words