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"you're more beautiful than pearls, so cover yourself sister like a pearl would..."

First of all, I’m a human being with rational thinking and with a mind of their own, not an object to be collected.

Second of all, I have better analogies: 192 more words


Anonymous: Mistreatment on the Track

“Last spring, my crew team and I were running laps in the hot sun, while there were two of the male team members walking around between workouts. 171 more words


"You're so thin! How do you do it?"

“You’re so thin! How do you do it?”

This is a “greeting” I’ve heard more times than I care to count; most of the time it is the first set of words exchanged between myself and the questioner.* 1,048 more words


Can We Please Tell Our Girls About Masturbation?

Control your faces of shock, readers. I know that word is taboo, and the mere sight of it makes us all cringe. Look at it… the way those syllables speak perfectly about the despair and gross-ness of the action. 1,149 more words


The Naked Gun

Sooo, Paris Fashion week happened and some full-frontal nudity happened on the catwalk. Models at the menswear show strutted their stuff with their junk on full display. 722 more words

Unraveling My Sexual World

I’m spending a lot of time these days just looking at my world with what feels like new eyes. I keep looking at how sex was the combination of my fantasy world and the objectification of my wife.   499 more words

Even the Sex was Fake

One of the things that I’m finding most disturbing as I start to examine my life as a sex addict is just how fake everything was. 164 more words