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Meghan Murphy is not the Empress of Canadian Feminism

Yesterday, feminist writer Meghan Murphy published an article on her Feminist Current (which, having read her work, is a bit of an oxymoron) blog deriding actress Laverne Cox for choosing to pose nude for an issue of Allure magazine.  1,083 more words

Why I Write

A few days after my 21st birthday, a friend and I were walking to a restaurant near Michigan State University. Being Michigan, it was still freezing outside at the end of March, but we were wearing dresses because one warm month a year is an abominably small amount of time to forsake sweatpants and boots. 423 more words

Personal Essay

What's Wrong With Feminism? -- A Humanist's Critique Part 2

But what about other arguments like objectification? If we men cannot appreciate your beauty (in a reasonable manner, not in a condescending “you should be happy I’m looking at you, you fucking bitch” attitude), then you shouldn’t be allowed to drool over muscled men with chiseled abs and larger than average penis. 1,083 more words


What's Wrong With Feminism? -- A Humanist's Criticism: Part 1

As my readers can probably tell, I’m on social media a lot, mainly Facebook and YouTube, with the occasional toe-dipping into Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram territory. 1,004 more words


From 4-18-15

On our way to see a production of “Cabaret,” an adult male asked about the costumes by saying, “Are we gonna see some boobs?”

The Mutual Experience Of Good Sex

When I was in my teens, I remember when my mother took me to one of her favorite bookstores. The Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore and Cultural Center on Detroit’s West side – no longer open for business – was always the one shop that generated more questions in my curious mind than answers. 2,088 more words