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A Note on Objectification (In Video Games, and in General)

I recently read a post titled Game Gals, posted by The Jones Rant. In it, the author discusses the notion of objectification in video games. 3,679 more words

Anita Sarkeesian

Men and Women Objectification

In the news, media, magazines, Internet, and you name it there seem to be goroueous people everywhere! Mostly the effect is felt on women because we are still largely based on a society that values women for their beauty more than their brains. 389 more words

Roman Catholic


My worst new age nightmare. Somehow, our society has morphed into this place of deep acceptance for objectification, female discrimination, minority shaming, sex glorifying, bully praising place to exist in. 1,223 more words

I Have A Voice

Feminism. The 21st century word that reigns sexual politics; powerful in magnitude and liberation. Yet, it is still subjected to whispers, shudders and unfortunately, objection. I write these words in woe, but sadly acceptance that feminism divides between the supporters and opposers.   1,702 more words


When people ask weird questions!! :/

So I’ve been sick for sometime now. House arrest for a month!!

When you are a 19 years old 2nd year Engineering student, if not the sickness, the stress of missing exams, labs, assignments and maybe failing the semester is enough to kill you!! 1,067 more words

Agent Cody Banks and its Objectification of Women

The other night my best friend and I decided to throwback to our childhood by watching a classic Disney Channel movie. We decided to watch Agent Cody Banks, a classic teen spy movie from the early 2000s. 1,466 more words

Women's Rights

'Pauly the Pig' - A poem about sexual harrassment

Pauly the Pig,

awoke on a Sunday,

put on his red singlet,

and headed out for a fun-day.

Arrived at his destination,

a cute little cafe, 680 more words