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Fury Road Is More Feminist Than Most Feminists

When I first heard people say that Mad Max: Fury Road is a feminist movie, I didn’t believe them. I don’t trust most people’s definitions of feminism, not in a culture that uncritically accepts… 1,051 more words

Secret Style Icons No.21 & No.22: Thelma and Louise

‘I don’t ever remember feeling this awake’ – Thelma

It starts the way all films should – two gals, a convertible and a loaded gun, off on a road trip together.

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Living A Good Life

Women in the Media: Ever the Up Hill Battle

In a contemporary society such as our own, it is difficult to think that women are still subject to sexism, objectification and demoralisation within the media workforce. 340 more words


Supersexualise Me - WHAT

Supersexualise me  

Excerpt from the book: Getting Real

We Haven’t Come a Long Way Baby by Melinda Tankard Reist

you can purchase Melindas Brilliant book on:  998 more words

Sunday Everyday

Keep your objectification in your stupid pocket!

After the kind of winter we’ve had on the East Coast of Canada, we’ve earned a fantastic spring. Yesterday was one of those days that you almost forget exists when you’re in the depths of winter. 341 more words


Day 254. Finally.

25th of May

This has been a problem for ages now so I am so happy somebody finally said it. You go!



I see my existence defined

By a dullness in your eyes

When they look at me

But not me.

When they admire the space

Between my thighs. 339 more words

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