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2 Chronicles 3:17“Then he set up the pillars before the temple, one on the right hand and the other on the left; he called the name of the one on the right hand Jachin, and the name of the one on the left Boaz.” 323 more words


Repentance and Belief

7 Commands of Christ (1 of 7)

Wabush, a town in a remote portion of Labrador, Canada, was completely isolated for some time. But recently a road was cut through the wilderness to reach it. 581 more words


I Locked My Phone in the Car...

A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night (into Saturday morning) my car was broken into and the window was blown up just to get to nothing and ransack my car. 650 more words


I do not want to be a house slave!

Master and I are still trying to set our guidelines, boundaries, rules…basically still everything in our relationship, and it’s hard.

I need stability, I need to know when I’m going to see him or talk to him, he’s trying…at least he has come up with a suggestion, and I hate the idea, but if it means I get to spend more time with him, then I have no choice. 1,204 more words

Where, O Lord, Is...?

Where, O Lord, is my agony?
My agony for the gospel true?
My agony for those who are lost?
My agony…make me know You!

Where, O Lord, is my passion? 193 more words


Created By Obedience

June 29

We are created with a desire to obey. Though it is not in our inherent nature to do so, we must strive to find our way back to the place where obedience lies. 185 more words

Project 365

Morning walks (Open your eyes)

After my ten minutes mile…I walk.
Tired from powering myself
Hoping my body will recognize I’m burning
And also thinking of how my real body will be full. 246 more words