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Financial Frustration

Why is having HIV so expensive? Really think about it. People diagnosed with HIV have to go through an awful phase of accepting that they have this virus attached to them for the rest of their lives and will now be judged and treated like a leper by most people. 554 more words


Can you pick which of these didn't come from Atlas Shrugged? From the desk of markEwatkins

One of these didn’t come from Atlas Shrugged can you name which one?

1) The Anti-Greed Act

2) The Anti Dog-Eat-Dog Act

3) The Shared Responsibility Act… 258 more words


Author, Chuck Frank

Surprise, Surprise! There’s a dirty little secret attached to every Affordable Health Care mandate if the plan is “subsidized” by the government. It’s called the “asset recovery” plan which is part of the “Affordable” Health Care Act. 816 more words


Supreme Court ruling could increase Obamacare premiums 700 percent


If the government loses in a major Obamacare challenge before the Supreme Court, it will result in premium increases of up to 700 percent for nearly 8 million people, a new analysis claims.

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Democrats Trying To Run Away From Obamacare Penalty They Imposed

Now they want a do over!

I say no. Let the penalty hit and inflict as much damage as possible. You wanted it, you pay for it. 105 more words


My Israeli health care article on a Canadian site

Here’s my Israeli health care story on the CIJA site, where it’s well presented and easy to read…

The Frog In The Pot...

It is said that if you toss a frog into a pot of boiling water it will jump out, but if you place the frog in warm water and slowly turn up the heat that it will allow itself to be boiled to death. 678 more words