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Higher deductibles out of reach for many | BenefitsPro

What were they saying about “affordable” health care⁉️ You see, while the politicians and pundits focus on subsidized premiums and call that making health care affordable, the real world is still out there. 230 more words


On Obamacare, It’s the President Who Refuses to Embrace Reality

By Peter Suderman – Re-Blogged From http://www.Reason.com

Obamacare turns five years old this week, and to mark the occasion, President Obama took after critics of the health law, noting their ongoing opposition while briefly laying out the reasons he believes it to be a success. 799 more words


In defence of 'No Drama Obama'

The contrast between the Bush and Obama administrations is stark. Bush, consistently resembling a ten year old boy in his father’s suit, would regularly proudly declare that he was a war president, who “made decisions with war on mind.” By contrast, Obama’s projected image is one of a thoughtful, intelligent president who dignifies the office he occupies with balanced decisions, and, in juxtaposition with his predecessor, has sought at all opportunities to engage in diplomacy and ‘soft power’ options in international relations, rather than resorting to war and military means. 1,172 more words

My Obamacare Experience

I am a 40 year old female in overall excellent health non smoker. My insurance, for a decent policy, is $384/mo. 0 Deductible, $2000 out of pocket maximum, $10 and $20 copay’s. 906 more words