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If this is how you think an anti-war president acts, you're out of touch with reality

Nothing sums up the warped foreign policy fantasy world in which Republicans live more than when House Speaker John Boehner recently called Obama an “anti-war president” under which America “is sitting on the sidelines” in the increasingly chaotic Middle East.

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Nuclear Deal Deadline Missed...Now What!?!

Not surprisingly, the deadline for world powers to construct a “framework” for a nuclear deal with Iran has passed without an agreement.  And as suspected, the deadline means absolutely nothing, as negotiators remain in Switzerland (on their countries’ tax dollars) to continue fruitless talks with Iran. 397 more words

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Mad Max Fury, TIDAL, The Wiz and More

Thinking it through further and being a fan of the original written source material; I think I am going to see it in the movie theaters lol.


Episode 260 - Indiana RFRA, Ted Cruz and more

Tonight a number of topics mainly focused on the Regressive hypocrisy around the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act and their treatment of Ted Cruz. Of course I will also discuss a number of other topics. 14 more words


Comb Over To Kenya

I don’t really enjoy drawing planes and despite that I’ve done it twice this week.

I saw this story a couple days ago and I immediately saw the humor in it. 347 more words

The Fools Of April

Obama permits and legitimizes a Nuclear Weaponized Iran

The cake was baked at the demand and insistence of Obama and his regime, much to the disgust and dismay of every ally we had. 110 more words

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