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Obama to lard up his secret trade deal so he can make post office big bag o money???

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“I think if you could get my colleagues to be honest, on the Democratic side,” Sen. Sherrod Brown told the Huffington Post, “they will say they’ve been talked to, approached, lobbied and maybe cajoled by more cabinet members on this issue than any issue since Barack Obama’s been president…I wish they put the same effort into minimum wage.

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White House Hits Back at Bush: Qaeda Wasn’t in Iraq prior to 2003 Invasion

The White House has brushed off former President George W. Bush’s recent criticisms of the President Brack Obama’s foreign policy, saying that al-Qaeda-linked militants were not in Iraq before the 2003 invasion of the country by Bush. 503 more words


Baltimore Burns, Crickets From Obama. But There was One Mom Who Is A Star

Hi, My name is Steve. I’ll be posting from time to time. A few things about me. First I’m an ex- NY yorker, and as such I write as I speak. 114 more words


ABC Thanks! (Day #8)

Today I thank God for… (cue dramatic drum roll, please)


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Obama the Antichrist?

There has been throughout history statements made in light of  end-time speculation that identify nations that would be a part of the final battle of Ezekiel as well as prophetic finger pointing as to boldly identifying the antichrist with a historical figure in their day. 94 more words


Italians Take First Place in Global March Against Chemtrails




105 Global MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering

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Yesterday, our Trail Dust posted a video of a talk given by Dane Wigington (a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and a licensed contractor) on what he claims to be the U.S. govt's geoengineering of Earth's climate via planes spraying chemicals in the air, forming visible chemtrails. NASA's "playing god" is a wrong-headed attempt to combat supposed global warming by cooling Earth’s temperatures with the spraying, which turns out to have horrible unintended consequences, one of which is California’s historic drought. In a comment, I asked "If what Wigington says is true, NASA’s geoengineering doesn’t just affect California, it’s changing GLOBAL climate. What do other countries know? Why aren’t they protesting?" Here's the answer to my question.

Obama’s war with Elizabeth Warren is heating up

The heated rhetoric that characterized the increasingly personal fight over a proposed free trade deal between President Barack Obama and his left flank, typified by Sen. 32 more words