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The Community Organizer is in 'control'....

I went to bed last night with this concern on my mind, and this image in my head.

Had to share:


White House Task Force Wants Obama to Change “Thanksgiving” to “Celebrate Immigrants Day” via Executive Order



Susan Payne, a Maryland political activist who was interviewed on the Mark Levin Show last week, called into The Joe Miller Show yesterday and provided even more details on what a White House task force is planning with respect to illegals in this country. 56 more words


The guys that caved to Obama's #Amnesty

For a brief……very brief moment, I was proud of our congress today as they welcomed a true leader Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. But, shortly after we heard Netanyahu give a very moving and historic speech, I was reminded of why we sooooo need term limits! 219 more words


The Traitor Betrays

Binyamin Netanyahu’s address given before Congress this date is a portend of what will befall the U.S. because of its arrogance.

The government will give up Israel in its deal with Iran for thirty pieces of silver. 88 more words

End Times

Obama, Netanyahu, and Iran

As everyone already knows, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to speak to the US Congress, and Obama is upset that Congress invited someone Obama doesn’t like without his approval. 479 more words


Russia’s View of ISIS – Excerpts from PRAVDA

“Islamic State is not just a threat to the West, it is a threat to Humankind…. Handle IS like you handle a snake.
President Barack Obama recently warned against exaggerating the threat posed by Islamic State. 1,406 more words


Kuwaiti Newspaper claims Obama Nixed Israeli Attack on Iran Nukes; Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Jets

From the original article HERE

“Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported Saturday that President Barack Obama blocked an Israeli air force attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014, Ma’an reported. 278 more words