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Featured En Vía Borrower: Martha

Words and photographs by Ehren Seeland

The scent of wildflowers mingles with ripe mango as a black and white dog runs his snout across the leg of one of our tour participants like a cartoon cat eyeing a giant tuna fish. 496 more words


Oaxaca's Patron Saint of the Hop Flower

Santisima Flor de Lupulo
oh holy blessed saint
of the hop flower, and
name of a nano-brewery
and pub in the heart of
Oaxaca, where craft beer… 29 more words


Where Gringos Don't Belong (excerpt)

The woman at the end of the table jerked her head towards the lawyers as though she’d just been slapped. Slightly built, sharp featured, intense, she’d worked for a travel agency in the Centro Historico that George noticed hadn’t reopened since the Night of Horror. 216 more words


Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman Oaxaca

No trip to Mexico would be complete without a visit to a church, right? Here in Oaxaca, the Templo de Santo Domingo is a Baroque church complex that was built by the Dominicans over a period of 200+ years between the 16th and 18th Centuries. 62 more words


Dazed and Confused in the U.S.

The more time I spend in Mexico, the more dazed and confused I am re-entering life back in the U.S. Contract writing work, plus seeing family and friends, brings me back to Dallas several times a year. 1,153 more words

Living Abroad

You Always Want to Walk a Tight-Rope of Flavor

Well I’ll start off by saying that I am a cooking show FANATIC, and this blog in particular has become somewhat of an homage to the wonderfully talented chef, … 1,604 more words


People of the Corn: Art from Oaxaca, Mexico

of the earth, roots
deeply bedded in
spirituality and
human identity as
people of the
corn, where today
battles rage over
ownership of land
and seeds, food
and human security