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Up at the O2

It seemed like a bit of a strange concept to me – pay money to walk over the top of a building? What will they think of next. 280 more words


Revisiting my Inner Dino-Lover - Jurassic World

Over the weekend I headed over to Cineworld at the O2 in London (why have I never been here before? It was amazing!) to watch the much anticipated Jurassic World. 425 more words


Results... well sorta

A couple days ago, I took Yoda in for his ultrasound. When I talked to the vet after, he told me that he was very certain it is intestinal lymphoma, because his intestines and lymph nodes were swollen. 471 more words



Well as my first night in my dorm didn’t feel like home I stayed up late due to the time change. I wasn’t use to the five hour difference and I felt alone without my dog by my side or able to walk to my moms room at night when I couldn’t sleep so what did I do? 437 more words


Expert Educators

Thinking back to my high school years, I recall several teachers who stood out as exceptional. They, as Hattie (2003) mentions, were all very context bound. 268 more words


Child and Adolescent Development

EDU 6132: Module 1, Reflection 1

Prompt:  For preassessment purposes, tell about what you know about child/adolescent development. Also, describe how your current knowledge of development informs your philosophy of instruction. 527 more words


Found my "Why"

I took Yoda to the vet yesterday for his annual checkup and vaccinations. The vet told me that he has lost more than 2 pounds in the last month, and that he has a heart murmur. 559 more words