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Lesson 3


1a. Define the period of a simple pendulum.

1b. Describe briefing how you would determine the period of an oscillation of the pendulum.

1c. A student obtains the following values for 20 oscillations of a pendulum: 12.6s, 12.7s, 12.5s, 12.6s, 12.7s. 6 more words


Lesson 2


1a. A tin containing 5000 cm³ of paint has a mass of 7.0 kg. If the mass of the empty tin, including the lid, is 0.5 kg, calculate the density of the paint. 29 more words


Lesson 1

1a. State what is meant by ‘the density of a substance’.

1b. A cube of sides 2.0 cm each has a density of 6.0 g/cm³. A hole of volume 1.0 cm³ is drilled into the cube. 21 more words



Way too many disappointments in life.

I worked hard. I stopped doing a lot of things I loved. I put in more time than most people would. 167 more words

Reflecting in the face of new experiences.

To warm up the old rust bucket that is my writing, I’m going to write about my school. Let’s go!

Background info: I’ve been in Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) for ten years, and I finished my O Levels, and am currently attending school in a Junior College (unnamed until I graduate and leave unashamed of my A Level grades) 1,170 more words


Employers discriminate against O' level generation

What the Papers Say (Telegraph)

Older job applicants are being advised to disguise O’ levels on their CV because they may suffer age discrimination for holding old-style qualifications. 200 more words