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Fallacies: A little teaser

NYTimes published a very neat little puzzle here. I invite you to try it out (I already did) and look at the results. The second part to this will be published over the weekend. Have fun!

Critical Thinking

Education blog > My Cambridge O- Level/ IGCSE and A-Level experience. ( My message for students/parents abroad )

Hello everybody! I wanted to write this article forever. I have studied in a specific region so I will talk about it, BUT I advise everyone to read it because I feel it will be highly informative. 751 more words


Behind the Scenes of a Summary-Writing Class

SUMMARY-WRITING is the bane of many a student. It’s the high-stakes, high weightage section that has a way of upsetting your total score for Paper 2, the comprehension section of the ‘O’ Levels exam—especially if the skill of synopsis isn’t your forte. 903 more words

Writing Wisdom

How to Excel in Summary Writing

“… summary-writing is essentially an act of deconstructing, disassembling—a skill that shouldn’t be lost on us if we consider how, at every point in our lives, at school, and later at work, we have to apply the fine art of synopsis.” 274 more words

Writing Workshops

34.5 hours.

Hmm, so, 34 and a half hours till my first CIE GCE O level examination starts. First exam is English Paper 1, so I’m not that scared. 38 more words