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Behind the Scenes of a Summary-Writing Class

SUMMARY-WRITING is the bane of many a student. It’s the high-stakes, high weightage section that has a way of upsetting your total score for Paper 2, the comprehension section of the ‘O’ Levels exam—especially if the skill of synopsis isn’t your forte. 903 more words

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How to Excel in Summary Writing

“… summary-writing is essentially an act of deconstructing, disassembling—a skill that shouldn’t be lost on us if we consider how, at every point in our lives, at school, and later at work, we have to apply the fine art of synopsis.” 274 more words

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34.5 hours.

Hmm, so, 34 and a half hours till my first CIE GCE O level examination starts. First exam is English Paper 1, so I’m not that scared. 38 more words

[Theatre] Normal by Checkpoint Theatre

In its simplest terms, Normal is an exploration of the education system in Singapore. Following the lives of two Secondary 5 girls in the Normal (Academic) stream, in their final year in the lead up to the ‘O’ Levels, the play is an excellent attempt to bring to consciousness the inherent problem in streaming students from age 12, and reflecting how easy it is for both student and teachers to get stuck within this cycle. 1,152 more words


Saturday and the blank page dilemma ...

This week I plan to write my CV, so with that, my artist statement and portfolio I can apply to be an associate member of a local art group. 261 more words


The Active Voice of Lee Kuan Yew

SO much was said and written about Lee Kuan Yew following his passing on March 23. For the entire week of national mourning, the media was a deluge of all things Lee Kuan Yew—eulogies and tributes, his words and wisdom, remembrances that had a way of breaking down into choking grief. 626 more words

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