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Creamy Protein Overnight Oats

At the start of May, my boyfriend and I started The Body Coach 90 Day SSS fitness and nutrition plan. For those of you unfamiliar to this, its a programme designed to fuel you with the right food at the right time, alongside a vigorous fitness plan of 4-5 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions a week. 518 more words


Day 312: Staying Busy

One thing I’ve had to really work hard on ,while on my health fitness journey, is maintaining a clean diet. I’ve come to the conclusion that my poor eating habits were the results of having too much down time and just being bored. 131 more words


Baja Fish Tacos

The Institute of Medicine suggests that adults should consume 10 to 35 percent of their total calorie intake from protein.  However, while considering protein intake, it is also important to choose an overall healthy diet that provides the protein you needed along with other nutrients. 238 more words


What are the benefits of fasted cardio?

I’ll make this short and simple. Nearly none. This is not just my personal opinion but proven science, here’s why:

Fasted cardio can be best described as exercising before breakfast in hopes to get the body to use fat as fuel instead of blood glucose or muscle and liver glycogen (which is the main source of fuel in your typical workout). 122 more words

Parsley Doesn't Count

It’s nearly June, the big northeast snowfest that lasted into April is pretty much over, and all the May and June issues of the big food magazines are showing…almost no fresh vegetables on the covers. 1,908 more words