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All about that Base!!

Last week was a pretty decent week nutrition wise as well as fitness wise.  I was able to stick with my plan for the most part and really only had one or two weak moments nutritionally so I call that a win.   578 more words


The Bridge Builder

Achievement comes to people who are able to do great things for themselves.  Success comes when they lead followers to do great things for them.  But a legacy is created only when leaders put their people into a position to do great things without them. 198 more words


47 Shocking Food Fact - Lean It Up!

Sorry we fell off the map. Illness, travel and budding romance had us pulled in different directions but we are back on track today (it started with… 139 more words

Food Hygiene

Huh? Food hygiene? Does that mean to wash my veggies and fruits and be careful when handling raw meats? Well, yes, I suppose it could mean that. 345 more words


 Handy tips to stopping your sugar cravings.

Sugar cravings are difficult to ignore. What is worse is that sugary treats are so easily available everywhere which makes it harder to ignore your craving. 345 more words

Fat Loss