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If there is one thing in common across all which encompasses the world of sport, from strength to aesthetics, it is the use of supplements. No supplement is more widely consumed than protein powder. 473 more words


We manifest our health through our intention.

Few days ago, I wrote the post titled “Emotion is a nutirent for our body”.

Today I want to add a little more. Sharing the future potential for our diet. 287 more words

Emotion is a nutrient for our body

People say ‘we are what we eat’.

Yes the nutrients we take in from the food we eat is very important for good health. In order to sustain good health, we need wide ranges of food with different vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs etc…..   203 more words

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Oxygen is Vital

Poor circulation and constricted blood vessels limit oxygen to the body, slowing a variety of bodily functions. 209 more words


Agriculture and Environmental Basics: GMO Labeling

Leave it to everybody’s favorite celeb scientist to give a nice generally unbiased overview of the GMO situation.  And as Bill Nye notes in the video, whether or not you agree with genetic modification, these products are already on our grocery shelves and are mostly here to stay.  1,206 more words

Ingredients to Avoid

7 Nutrient-Robbing Ingredients Hidden In Processed Foods You Need To Avoid

Unless you’re living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, chances are you consume at least some packaged foods. 1,194 more words