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Okay now so I’m going to share my method of studying for what its worth. First, take off work and make yourself study, you may be poor for a little bit but trust me it’s totally worth it. 260 more words

Nursing School

Preceptorship Fitness to Practice

Preceptorship happened suddenly and without mercy. Honestly it was over in a flash, took a huge physical and mental toll on my well-being, and I discovered I wasn’t  really prepared for it. 2,187 more words


I'm A Bad Bad Blogger Part 2

It seems I have entirely abandoned my effort to blog about my nursing school endeavours. Originally I had intended ForBetterOrNurse to be a place where new nursing students could come to gain insight into what is coming, and how to deal with what has already passed. 1,068 more words


World Championship Foot In Mouth Award

I am the World Champion at talking when I should have been listening.  More than thirty years ago, I had a dear friend in Nursing School who was valiantly struggling with morbidly obesity serious enough to interfere with ambulation and other life activities, not to mention the psychic and social pain she dealt with daily.   113 more words


Mental Health

My dad is a therapist.  I minored in psychology.  I think the power of the brain enthralling.  I find the mind of the criminally insane by far the most fascinating. 260 more words

Nursing School

Why Nursing?

Today on the blog I wanted to tell you why I decided to go into nursing instead of the many other majors I could have picked. 492 more words


Faith. Hope. Flares.

I’m having a bad flare up of my symptoms today. Yesterday, I had my first clinical day at our hospital location, and it was incredibly intense. 554 more words