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Secure your information with a passphrase

A passphrase is like a password, but longer and more secure. In essence, it’s an encryption key that you memorize. Once you start caring more deeply about your privacy and improving your computer security habits, one of the first roadblocks you’ll run into is having to create a passphrase.

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It's hard to tell conspiracy theories from the truth in athletics, and more

Back when Lance Armstrong was riding away from the other doping cyclists, rumors and conspiracies about doping were rampant. Fans wanted to believe the sport was clean. 1,741 more words

NSA Doesn't Need To Spy On Your Calls To Learn Your Secrets

Governments and corporations gather, store, and analyze the tremendous amount of data we chuff out as we move through our digitized lives. Often this is without our knowledge, and typically without our consent. 1,238 more words


Apple, Google & other large tech companies urge the White House & Congress not to renew the Patriot Act

Apple is one of ten tech giants to once again call on the US Government not to reauthorize the Patriot Act in its current form. The Act expires on 1st June unless it is renewed by Congress. 791 more words

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Ex-NSA Experts Launch Cyber Security startup Harvest.ai

Harvest.ai has announced that it has raised $2.3 million in seed funding led by Trinity Ventures. Harvest.ai will use the funding to grow the San Diego based team and secure new clients. 325 more words

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Breaking: Germanwings Airbus A320 Flight 4U9525 Sabotaged?

Breaking: Germanwings

Airbus A320

Flight 4U9525 Sabotaged?


One Pilot locked out of the cockpit according to voice recorder on Germanwings Flight 9525 before it crashes in the French Alps (source: … 522 more words

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Bipartisan Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act To End Government Spying On Americans

A step in the right direction! Thanks Rose for the story. KS

The Huffington Post | By Lydia O’Connor

A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress Tuesday would end government spying on ordinary Americans by repealing the Patriot Act as advocates rush to reauthorize the law’s most controversial provisions before a June deadline. 256 more words