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Stalking and molesting the body politic

In this fetid age of permanent Neoliberal Big Brother Government, there is no social problem, perceived or otherwise, that can’t be solved with punitive legislation, sanctions or surveillance. 327 more words


Paul: ISIS Created, Strengthened By Republican 'Hawks' Arming The Middle East

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said GOP “hawks” including Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are responsible for creating the Islamic State militant group and inflaming radical Islam by flooding weapons into the Middle East. 733 more words


Aufreger der Woche_die Totalüberwachung

Der Bundesrat hat heute die technische Vorratsdatenspeicherung durchgewunken. Dieses Gesetz hat es schon mal gegeben und wurde anschliessend vom Bundesverfassungsgericht als verfassungswidrig erklärt. Anschliessend wurde das Gesetz vom europäischen Gerichtshof als gesetzeswidrig erklärt. 693 more words


Librarians vs. the NSA

One of the core values of librarianship is privacy.

The Nation recently ran a front-page article on librarians’ fight against unwarranted surveillance — Librarians Versus the NSA… 75 more words

Intellectual Freedom

NSA Plays With Google Play

To tell you the truth, we are not quite sure if this is one more of those crazy urban legends or a lost page from Edward Snowden’s diary. 208 more words

Edward Snowden leaks could bring down part of U.S. Patriot Act

WASHINGTON—The Patriot Act might be cut down by an alleged traitor.

In 2001, a month after the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. Senate voted 99 to one in favour of a sweeping anti-terrorism bill with a name written for maximum political invincibility. 637 more words


"Swarm! Swarm!"

In January, I submitted FOIA requests (through MuckRock) for any information the intelligence agencies may have about various JFK-related sites.

I wanted to see what the agencies were saying about these sites, which often include posts and/or discussions about the intelligence agencies and their roles in the assassination story. 347 more words