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Former NSA chief Michael Hayden calls himself an "unrelenting libertarian"

Michael Hayden has served as director of both the CIA and NSA. 

  • Speaking at a Conservative PAC conference, Michael Hayden characterized himself as an “unrelenting libertarian”, and that his duty to the constitution is to provide for the common defense, something that apparently entails spying on millions and millions of your own citizens.
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Collect away!

Meanwhile the wheels of justice continue to grind civil liberties to dust:

A federal court has again renewed an order allowing the National Security Agency to continue its bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, a decision that comes more than a year after President Obama pledged to end the controversial program.

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LAPD says every car in Los Angeles is part of an ongoing criminal investigation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is trying to figure out what the LAPD is doing with the mountains (and mountains) of license-plate data that they’re harvesting in the city’s streets without a warrant or judicial oversight. 502 more words

Everyone wants your data to be secure from everyone but them

Bruce Schneier writes:

In December, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was interviewed at the CATO Institute Surveillance Conference. One of the things he said, after talking about some of the security measures his company has put in place post-Snowden, was: “If you have important information, the safest place to keep it is in Google.

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Future-proofing E-discovery


A behind-the-scenes look at how Cisco Systems saved $21 million in e-discovery costs

By Erin E. Harrison

February 25, 2015

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