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Patients Stressed Out By Soaring Drug Costs

It’s more important to protect corporate profits than to make sure human beings get the medication they need. Money trumps quality of life, or even life itself. 80 more words

Human Rights

Can you Handel this? Classical Music Festivals in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado’s actually home to more than a dozen classical music festivals? Totally true!

Colorado Public Radio wrote an awesome article detailing all of the festivals, and even put together a sweet map. 230 more words


NPR Reviews: Naomi Novik's UPROOTED and Hannu Rajaniemi's COLLECTED FICTION

I have been reading books! Amazing books! Great tremendous books! Here are some things I have written about those books!

Collected Fiction is what Golden Age science fiction might look like if it were written today by someone who loves women and brown people.

227 more words

Assigning blame: the "circle of causation" and individual responsibility

Today on NPR, there was an essay on the concept of a “circle of causation”. Apparently, it is popular in sociology and political science circles, and it refers to who you, as an individual, choose to blame in situations, and how that aligns often with your political beliefs and the amount of responsibility you place on individuals, as opposed to collectives.  750 more words