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Be a hero in your lifetime!

Being the hero in your life is very important! All the heroes in their story line has to overcome many obstacles and hardships along their journey, but they never stopped nor gave up and let alone they did it all the time alone even if no one was their to motivate them! 95 more words

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Grimm Confessions

Grimm Confessions, is an incredibly popular goth/industrial rock band in New Orleans and quite popular, though infamous for their fans’ tendency to riot at the drop of a hat. 409 more words

Lorelei Sigrun

bright lights 

what an experience! my first NPC bikini competition is officially in the books.

the weekend started with check-ins and 1st round of spray tan.

I was sitting at my sister’s house post-tan and thinking about how I got this far. 164 more words

why I did it. why I do it. 

on May 16th, I competed in my first NPC bikini competiton.

for the past handful of years, I considered myself an avid runner. this coming July will mark the 1 year anniversary of my first marathon. 187 more words


NPC Rolodex #9: Mister Peter Franklin: Travelling Monk

Some people call him a saint, but Peter Franklin doesn’t see it that way.

What everyone knows

1. Mister Franklin is from “The Library” – a place where people collect knowledge of the World and the Old Times. 211 more words

Encounter Groups

Orcs, the Panic of Banjos

This is part of a series exploring some advice on how to use certain monsters in your games–a resource for flavor and occasional combat tips. This is from an old post, being reposted–I expect I’ll revise in the near future. 1,568 more words

2015 NPC Junior USA Championship

On Saturday May 30 the NPC Junior USA Championship takes place in Charleston, SC at the Charleston Performing Arts Center. This NPC event is a PRO qualifier. 212 more words