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I guess..

I guess..

the stars were too far away for you to reach

and I guess you couldn’t have gotten so close

without pushing someone under. 214 more words

Music makes one feel so romantic, at least it always gets on one’s nerves…which is the same thing nowadays…


Broken Toes

“Want a fight, mate?” they spat, coming over the street, I glanced anxiously at my brother, we didn’t speed up.
“What about the fat one? Does he reckon he could take us?” 449 more words


Tickertape | Poetry

When growing, bare inches from the ground, we are told to face adversity, and stand our ground.
By those covered in tickertape, drowning in odds, 97 more words



Sundays, what a weird day, the end of the weekend, for which a lot of people wait all week for and the last day before a five-day long work – filled week. 109 more words

Daily Rambles


Clouds, nowadays, encompass the world.

Their filmy pearl hair are wildly unfurled.

They float on a rotating silken sea!

Balmy as a blowing sheet could be! 41 more words


Reading Too Much Neither Sure What I'm Doing Wrong...

Nowadays in quite try to get over with the ptsd- and reading a book about ww1 and the shell shock… Don t get me wrong, is not like what we have isn t tthat serious… But can somebody explain to me what s the main difference is you get that own isolation in adulthood and when you get in childhood… Why my adultish brain can t process it… Or I mean by books, by thoughts I know the things, but when situation come up is getting out of control… How the hell my own brain can betray me? 18 more words