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Hey guys! Sha checking in again continuing my last post, how are yall? Doing good? Lol well as i left off….when i got on the bus to go home from school i immediately tried to take off my makeup…keep in mind i had a bottle that had makeup remover in it and cotton pads, i took it out and opened the cap the bus turned very rough onto my street and it spilled all on me, not only were i embarrassed i knew i was in trouble because i now couldn’t take off the makeup and it was time to get off the bus . 137 more words


Hello world!

Hey my name is Rochea Loftin, and im taking a try a this blogging fiasco. Just here in boredom feeling adventurous so why not? A little background of me: from Mobile,Al hard working young woman. 188 more words


Phazz - Casino [FREE DL]

Apparently I missed the memo 8 days ago when Phazz’s latest song “Casino” was released on the NWDS #3 Spring Tape…a compilation from Nowadays Records that features a bunch of other songs. 89 more words


Say "Cheese"

I’m in fact no big fan of cheese for breakfast (a typical Turkish breakfast always includes it), I love to learn about it and taste along with wine. 50 more words


I guess..

I guess..

the stars were too far away for you to reach

and I guess you couldn’t have gotten so close

without pushing someone under. 214 more words

Music makes one feel so romantic, at least it always gets on one’s nerves…which is the same thing nowadays…


Broken Toes

“Want a fight, mate?” they spat, coming over the street, I glanced anxiously at my brother, we didn’t speed up.
“What about the fat one? Does he reckon he could take us?” 449 more words