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Tales of the wretched: Ashok and his mother - Chapter 1: The night at the shelter

Tales of the wretched

Ashok and his mother – chapter 1: The night at the shelter

4 July 2015


Ashok lifted his head from his plate and looked at the woman sitting on the chair at the opposite side of the shelter. 1,727 more words


Dellani's Alphabet Challenge Letter J - Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water. . . .

This article doesn’t really have anything to do with that at all. 291 more words

Dellani Oakes

Joining a Book Club

a n x i e t y

I recently joined a local book club, and while I’m looking forward to the first meeting in a few weeks, I have a bit of anxiety, wondering if being a writer is going to make it more difficult to fit in with the group. 375 more words


Bright Darkness 4

Again with the constant glimmer while I attempted to sleep. This time I had classical music darting my mind with a sensation I did not know existed. 156 more words



I’m moving!

Not far, though, and it will be easy to stay connected. Just visit my new site: elizabethmarro.com and subscribe to my e-mail list or follow me in your WordPress Reader or any of the other readers or feeds you may use. 80 more words

Reading & Writing

Welcome to ShortStories4Life!

Hey guys! I’m a teenager who is obsessed with short stories, writing, fantasy, and book that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Follow my blog to join me on the journey of writing! 26 more words