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Summer Reading List:

  • The Divinci Code (my first order of business!)
  • Wicked – Gregory Maguire (honestly I’ve been trying to read this since I heard about the musical in like fourth or fifth grade!
  • 157 more words

What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 15)

Sorry for the delay fellow writers, I’ve been working at finishing my novella and if you’ve been following my posts, I’m done!!!! Woo-hooo! I’ve sent it out to my betas, just waiting to hear back with notes so I can edit and send it off for submission :) So last night instead of scheduling this post early, I decided to read like a fiend, something I love to do. 322 more words


Sunday recs: art lessons, limestone, berries

Two poems and a story today.

First, an oldie but goodie from 2010: “Art Lessons” by Yoon Ha Lee (in Stone Telling). This is a really good poem, witches’ daughters transforming into a great feminist punch. 176 more words


Albania :The (lack of) reading culture - by Kamila Hasanbega

Reading is an essential element in education and life itself. However, in today’s globalized technological world we don’t see many readers. What role should the youth of Albania play in raising awareness of such a valuable habit among the nation. 1,185 more words

Guns and Bushes.

She huddled in the corner with her knees pressed tightly to her chest.He was coming.She knew he was.He always did.Every single freaking night.And she was the helpless “damsel” who could do nothing.It had been like that for the past 2 years. 433 more words

Writing /blogging.

novel piece.. from today's 3 pages

…Funny he should mention contracts, you mean my ADJUNCT contract? The one that keeps me indentured and comes with it no healthcare or job security or preference of assignment? 303 more words


Why Write?

A book needs a good introduction. Purposes of an introduction are to present characters, set the scene of the story and convince the reader that they want to turn every single page until the last one. 693 more words