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Thank You

Gotta say that this worked.  My novel, In The Forest Of The Night, is now #2 on the Amazon list for free books in the category of Literary Fiction.  34 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - An Unfamiliar View

So, um, because of something, I took down a lot of my Faerie Blood posts. I’m waiting for approval to tell you why. In the meantime, Queen of Bears it is! 451 more words


Chapter 9

Chapter IX

When we reached the double doors, Doran touched nodes built into the décor of the grand doors in a specific pattern and a scanner appeared.  3,195 more words

Novels (In Progress)

WIPpet Wednesday - Salty Breezes

“Salutations. That’s my fancy word for hello.”

Ten points if you get the reference, but only ten, because you really, really, should.

Did you all have a reasonably tolerable week? 787 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - ByeBye Blake

Welcome back to WIPpet Wednesday. All hail the fabulous K.L. Schwengel, our gracious hostess. Or host, I suppose, if you prefer to be PC. Either way, she’s our head honcho. 357 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - A Shady Past

Hi! So, um, been perusing what I have for Troy and… Yeah. The First Draft is officially demoted to Notes. Mostly because I can’t find many of my notes. 685 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Another Couple of Guys

I spent a lot of time describing Troy’s team here because

  1. 1. I was getting to know them Nano style
  2. 2. We spend most of the book with these guys, so I wanted readers to have a very clear picture of them…
  3. 399 more words