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First Day of Camp Feels Like A Monday

Hi everyone! So, today was a day for many different occurrences. One, it was April Fool’s Day, literally my least favorite day of the year. Obnoxious people make it so much worse. 239 more words

A Writer's Life For Me!

6 ways to build writing confidence...

Ideally, you feel a happy certainty that you’re a good writer. You realize your first draft won’t be perfect, but you’re confident you can improve on it. 556 more words


How long should a chapter be?

It’s a question every writer is going to ask at some point, and it’s a question without an affirmative answer. There is no right or wrong length for a chapter, because chapters act like short stories to build one big story. 322 more words


#Nestpitch Nervous

I entered #nestpitch on twitter today. I took a breath and hit the enter key. Too late to take it back now.

The gist of the email entry looked like this; 404 more words

develop a scene for your novel with scapple

Scapple comes from good stock: it is produced by the folk at Literature and Latte, who brought us Scrivener, a writer’s best friend (after inspiration and momentum). 609 more words

Novel Writing

Purposeful Reading

A common bit of advice given to writers is that it is important to read, and I agree with that. It is particularly true that a writer reads in the genre in which they are writing. 526 more words

Grammar to the Rescue

I’m not a fan of grammar, but I’m learning every day. For everyone else that isn’t a huge fan I wanted to share a few fun quotes. 13 more words