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It's Been a Year/Defenestrating My Inner Editor/Farmhouse of Feels/Building Khairos/Short Story World History/On Fire

Hey, guys!!

It’s been a year. A crazy year.

The writer’s block has persisted up until last week when I decided to defenestrate my inner editor and just go where the words take me. 169 more words

Using Rites and Rituals in Fiction

We’ve come around back to writer Wednesday once more and today we are talking about using rites and rituals in fiction.  When I say rites and rituals, I’m referring to any choreographed set of actions performed by several people that is meant to add importance to an event. 624 more words


Reinventing the Rules of Writing

A month or so ago I was once again struggling to write an opening chapter that worked, one that followed all the rules and wowed the reader. 503 more words

Paving Paradise

“I’m going for a walk,” I told my three kids as I stepped out the backdoor. They were already outside in the sunshine.

“Can I go with you?” my son asked, bouncing a tennis ball off a racket. 655 more words

Novel Writing

Doing the "Don't"

Don’t continually edit during the first draft. How many times have we been told that? Just write. Just get it down. Don’t worry about whether it’s good–it’s not supposed to be.  729 more words


Something New - Part 7

Liat is even more impressed with Austin when he rescues her from the unwanted advances of Irving, the pervy director.

“How could either of you tell?” 736 more words

Dellani Oakes

At the Beginning - Again

Walking through fog. With the headlamp on. Low. Paraphrasing a quote from E.L. Doctorow. This is what it’s like to write a novel. I keep telling myself that as I move forward, ever so slowly. 699 more words

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