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A Glimpse Into My World...Proceed With Caution

When I set out to write a book, I received some advice from a book publisher. He said that my image and brand would be almost as important as my book. 1,097 more words

Killing Your Darlings: A Mourner's Guide

Not to dredge up old wounds (or mix your own metaphors) … but perhaps when you were a child you had a pet that died, and your parents told you it had gone to a better place – a happy farm where animals played all day and had as much food as they wanted and mountains of chew toys. 1,143 more words


My Wheelhouse, My Bailiwick...

Imagine going through a life without finding your passion. Or worse, imagine finding it and then turning your back on it. Some people just coast through life without finding their ultimate bailiwick…what they were intended to be doing while surfing this mortal coil. 893 more words


Plotting, Planning and Prepping Your Story

I’m terrible at plotting. I have all these great characters and they wander aimlessly around until random stuff happens to them: the premise for everything I’ve ever written. 924 more words

Novel Writing

Time out!

Today I got a break – from pretty much everything. I didn’t work, I didn’t try to build an aluminum shed, write, or mow anyone’s lawn. 546 more words

Novel Writing

The New Journey

As I mentioned in my last post I have grown a little disillusioned with my last novel. Even though it’s already been machined past the first draft stage I’m still having trouble making it a story I want to write, and if it’s not the story I want to write how can I expect others to read it? 795 more words


Asaph Timby: A Drawing

Asaph Timby is a fictional character who I have been thinking about for at least two years. I have yet to write his story, but I have thought about him often, his four children and his love interest. 129 more words