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Confessions of an Indie Publisher - was it all worth it?

I meant to post this last week, but was struck down by some nasty germs. I had to spend several days in bed, which is very unlike me. 358 more words

Update: Winner for April CampNaNo

Ok, I did it! I made my 10,000 word goal for “Everything For Love”.  This puts me at 26,495 words for the manuscript. I’m trying to write my first full length novel, which would need to be around 50K. 221 more words


You can lead a horse to the water but…

Dear Readers,

Yes, I know I disappeared again. No, I won’t give you excuses… just the facts. And the fact is — I am terrible at writing blogs! 776 more words

Clothing Made the Medieval Man, Woman & Child (Medieval Mondays #1)

If there’s one aspect of medieval history I love most, it’s the clothing, especially women’s clothing.

The clothing, incidentally, is one of the aspects Hollywood most often get wrong. 1,245 more words


The Perfect Gift for Bookish Moms!

Looking for a gift that will be wrapped up and shipped to Mom (or a good Mom pal ) for you? Morning Rain has three different special offers, all involving Strangely, Incredibly Good and a cute tote bag, and some including Dry Stories by Kate Baggott, a book full of heart and soul, reviewed as “like talking to an old friend.” 29 more words

Author Heather Grace Stewart

7 Podcasts where you can meet the author

I love to hear authors talk about their work and their craft. It’s a good reminder that everyone has a different process and a different technique, and it’s fascinating to see the work and thought that went into some brilliant, beautiful books. 338 more words


Minnesota Weather Inspired My Novel

Where do authors get their ideas? Does a great master author hand them an idea on a silver platter? Is there a crystal ball they can consult? 792 more words

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